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It’s back to school time again!  You know what that means: time for resolutions to break. Haha, but don’t worry, we all break resolutions.  How about this year instead of focusing on resolutions for yourself focus on resolutions you can do with others?  Such as working out, eating healthy, or a club.  How about a show club?  Shows are back from their midseason finale, and sadly some are ending.

The Vampire Diaries is one of those shows that you watched in the beginning because it was a different kind of love story but as it progressed you kind of lost interest. Since Nina Dobrev, aka Elena, left the show, it has kind of lost that love triangle that drew us in. The show has found a way to keep our interest, which is bringing in a new character that you have some sympathy for but you know she is one of the bad guys in the show.  They explored this in the previous season and it worked since the love triangle was no longer there, but this season it feels forced, and they continue introducing new characters that really don’t have any relevance to the story.  All in all the series finale may bring back Nina Dobrev to play Elena but the biggest question is: will her character still want to be with Damon Salvatore (portrayed by Ian Somerhalder) and will this set up The Originals?

The Originals has yet to air and the premiere will be March 4th of this year; we still don’t know if this series has been renewed.

Other CW programs such as Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and the Legends of Tomorrow will be coming back and have been renewed.  I haven’t watched the recent episodes but before the holidays fans really did enjoy the huge crossover event between the DC shows, which have always received a positive response.  I wonder, will they do that again before the seasons end?

It does break my heart to hear that Girl Meets World is ending.  I use to watch Boy Meets World because of my brother and it is still on the air.  It’s no surprise, really, even though Girl Meets World was the sequel to Boy Meets World because it failed to connect with younger audiences even though the older generations liked it.  It’s understandable because Boy Meets World tackled mature topics such as depression, absentee parents, abandonment, and underage drinking, because it was on ABC; since the sequel was on Disney Channel, they had to keep it less mature and more geared towards younger viewers.  Who knows, maybe Netflix or another streaming service could pick it up!

In other Netflix news, there are new series to watch!  Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events should be on your must watch list.  It stars Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf. Although I haven’t seen it yet, the series is on my queue and should be on yours.  If you read the books then you know a bit about the plot: it follows the Baudelaire children in the care of Count Olaf, who is wanting the family fortune. During the series, they try to find out the secret society their parents were a part of, all the while trying to stop his wicked plans.

Another series that you should watch is the Golden Globe winner for Best Drama Series, The Crown, which follows Queen Elizabeth II in her early years.

One series to watch out for as well is Stranger Things season two!  It should be available sometime this year but if you haven’t watched it yet it’s one of those series that will surprise you!

Have fun watching!

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