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A UNT Girl’s Guide to Shooting Her Shot

I know, I know, school just started and the last thing Her Campus UNT wants to do is sway impressionable freshman and transfers to the could-be distracting lane that is college dating. Alas, with the many articles that will make sure they are well prepared for classes and organizations, here’s a how to guide to check out after your 8 am class and that 8 pm meeting. 

Shooting your shot is the equaled expression of “making your move.” Some girls like the traditional sense of guys approaching them first, so this is for my ladies that like what they see and are tired of waiting around to be noticed. Before we get to the upper-level courses of this guide though, we have to start with the prerequisites. 



MATH: There are over 37,000 students enrolled at the university. So the probability of you actually catching the person’s attention that you want by doing nothing is literally 1 in a million. I completely lied but I may not be far off. Good thing this isn’t probability and statistics. Don’t skip your classes, ladies. 

LANGUAGE: Understanding the language of love is no easy task. Especially when you don’t even speak it as a first language. Flashcards on body language and eye contact are a must because it’s really hard to cheat in this class. 

CHEMISTRY: Now knowing that the chemistry is there in the first place is the way to go right before adding those upper-level courses into your MyUNT heart. Pass this course and you’re on your way to a degree in shooting your shot! 

Now, the scenarios can be set in any situation. Whether you’re at an org meeting, in a study group, in the dorm lobby, or stuck in Willis elevator (yes this happened to me).

#1.) DON’T do it around other people 

This should be a no brainer but you don’t know how many girls who are secretly shy all of sudden have a burst of confidence in a social setting and will holler out a shot in front of friends. They’re not going to take you seriously girl, don’t.

#2.) Be subtle with your approach 

The trick is to get him alone, but you don’t want to be too obvious with your intent. (That’s why it was so easy on an elevator). If you have to wait until that next org meeting or the next time you catch him in the union do it. Patience is a virtue. 

#3.) Eye contact 

Let’s say you finally have him right where you want him. Remember when you’re talking to them to keep eye contact. Never break it. Look at them like you’re looking at a restaurant plate that the waiter is bringing towards you that you don’t even know if it’s yours or not. A trick with eye contact is to pretend you’re the queen of the free world and talking to a peasant who should be honored you’re even speaking to them. 

#4.) The art of conversation

Don’t you hate those silent pauses after asking the basic, “So what’s your major?” questions. Knowing how to continue on with conversation plus eye contact makes for some serious kick. The art of conversation is actually listening. People love talking so let them. Listen and engage with what they say. You may just end up walking around campus late into the night. 

#5.) Patience is still a virtue

Your first time sitting down with someone may not be the right moment to shoot that basket. Sometimes it takes an introduction for them to notice you at least. Connecting on something in common and asking for the number should be just as subtle as you getting them alone to talk. Secure the digits. 

#6.) Ask the questions you need 

What do you want to know about this person? It sounds easy to ask but we know it’s not but that ties back into the art of conversation. Honestly getting to know a person before shooting your shot is a must before you start playing for a team you decide you’d rather not root for. Ask them in a sense what they’re looking for.

#7.) Be strategic 

You know when they’re in the union or what time they get out of class. Surprise them by just being there. Be cute. Even be with your friends just to show face, say hello. From there you never know what could happen. You may just end up hanging out once more.

#8.) The ball is in your court 

Be yourself. You don’t need to change who you are to fit somebody’s mold for what they want. Don’t ever compromise your priorities, responsibilities, or morals for anybody.  


Don’t beat around the bush. Don’t play with your words. Be direct in your approach. Let them know loud and clear that you put on your best sneakers, ran some drills, did a couple of layups and are ready for the game. Let them know exactly how you feel about them. You never know the type of Love and Basketball relationship can blossom from this. 

#10.) Take rejection like a boss  

Lastly, if you’re rejected, it’s not the end of the world. Play it cool and never EVER think that because one person doesn’t like you like that, that you’re any less valuable. Don’t ever change for somebody else. Don’t ever chase what’s not looking to be found cause you’ll be running forever. 

Senior at The University of North Texas. I made Black UNT my news beat, and haven't been able to sleep since. Love covering all things melanated Mean Green.
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