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Right now, the world has a lot of time on its hands. Here are ten things you can do if you are bored at home. 

1. Baking

Since I have so much time on my hands, I have been experimenting with many new desserts and treats. I have mainly been baking cookies, but occasionally I make a cake or bread. 

2. Exercising

I have never been one for exercising after I graduated high school, but since I haven’t been walking to and from class and just around campus in general, I haven’t been getting any exercise at all. The exercise I have been doing is just walking or running with my dog, but I feel like it should count. 

3. Painting

Painting has been my favorite thing to do while in quarantine. I have been painting everything that I have gotten my hands on. Since I can’t go out and buy materials, I have been painting old records, record holders, and canvases.

4. Eating

I usually don’t snack much, but I have been during quarantine. This is kinda unfortunate because I haven’t been exercising much, but oh well. 

5. Sleeping

I feel like everyone has had this problem, but I have been sleeping so much. As soon as I wake up, I usually take two or three naps before I eventually go back to sleep. 

6. Staying up till 6 a.m.

Along with me sleeping so much, I have also been staying up till about 6 a.m. everyday. I usually wake up at 2 p.m.. I find myself doing the most homework at night, so I stay up late till I get everything done for that day. 

7. Playing the Wii

During quarantine, I whipped out my old Wii and have been playing it like crazy. I’m not good at any video games, so the Wii is perfect for me. I also have WiiFit, but that’s usually the last game I choose to play. 

8. Listening to music

I usually listen to music while I work, so I open YouTube on my TV and start a playlist. I have found a lot of new songs that I like while doing this so I highly recommend. 

9. Binge watching tv

I feel like watching tv is what I do most and I have started and finished many shows and movies on pretty much every streaming service. 

10. Cleaning 

This is something that I am not proud of, but I have been cleaning my house a lot. I don’t know if it’s because I’m so messy, but I find myself cleaning something new everyday. 

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