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“Education is the best provision for life’s journey.”


From the beginning of my time in college to the few months before I graduate, I always wished I had someone to give me some advice or tell me what I needed to know. As I wrap up my last few months in undergrad, I wanted to lend some of the direction I wished I had heard for those starting college now, or for those starting soon.

Buy your school supplies from amazon

I feel like this is a given response, but you truly don’t know how far Amazon can go for a student. Whether you need scantrons, highlighters, dry erase markers or pencils, Amazon has got your back. For example, you can get a pack of 50 scantrons here for only $8! Typically, this same price would buy you only six (if you’re lucky). Not to mention the fact that college students can get Amazon Prime Student and have access to discounts on LinkedIn, CourseHero, GrubHub, and many more!

you don’t need *everything* for your dorm

It’s always so much fun choosing things for your dorm. I used to make a Pinterest board of cute dorms and search the internet for my aesthetic, but they were never functional. When you shop for your dorm, the number one thing to do is communicate with your roommate (if you are going to have one) about what each person will be bringing. Communicating this will eliminate the action of buying multiple items that more or less won’t be used. For instance, I had brought a Keurig to my dorm (with the idea of making coffee every morning), and not only did my roommate bring one, but my suitemates did as well! If I had known this, I would have saved money on something else more useful. I also found this similar with string lights, cute plates, unnecessary pillows, and cute decor that wasn’t functional to me in any way. Moral of the story, save your money and spend it on those items that can be cute, but also functional.

join an org, of course!

Find an organization and find your voice! I will always advocate for HerCampus (because it’s the best), but there are always a TON of great organizations on campus! Sororities/fraternities, campus organizations, social orgs, and many other types of groups are great and fun ways to make new friends and have a fun time in college! While these groups are great for meeting new people and being involved, you must treat them as another class you are participating in. Make sure not to put too much on your plate while you’re having a great time!

Have a great time

While you’re in college, there are going to be so many new opportunities that arise. From going out with friends to staying on campus and studying, make sure you are having a great time while doing it. College can be a stressful and complicated time, so be sure to take time for yourself and have fun! You don’t get to relive your days in undergrad, so make them all count!

There are so many more things that can be recommended, but the number one thing to remember is that you are not alone. College is a way for you to mind out who you are, and you can do that with everyone else that’s here with you! Do not be afraid to reach out and ask questions, everyone is here to help!

I am a Sophomore at the University of North Texas! I am studying Psychology and Applied Behavior Analysis. In my free time, I enjoy listening to music, watching movies with friends, and studying.