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SuperM: The Avengers of K-pop are Coming

Newly formed SuperM debuted this fall with the combination of various popular members of current SM Entertainment groups, forming this one “super” boygroup. This idea was both shocking and anticipated by all k-pop fans, with the world tour dropping soon after the announcement of the album. 


The “We Are The Future: Live” tour is beginning in the next week on November 11 in Fort Worth. I am attending with friends, beyond excited to see so many artists at once, and specifically Baekhyun, the leader and my ultimate bias. Being the first leg of the tour, there are 10 dates, including performing at Madison Square Garden.SuperM consists of 7 members: SHINee’s dancing legend Taemin, EXO’s dance and vocal legends Kai and Baekhyun, and NCT’s promising young idols Mark, Ten, Lucas, and Taeyong. With such a diverse selection with a variety of brimming talent, the group gained the combined fanbases support almost instantly.


With the release of this unit’s debut album, titled after the group’s name, the songs are catchy and will keep fans on their toes. The title track, “Jopping,” has choreography so intense, the whole song is like a dance break (as Baekhyun put it). A powerful anthem of sorts, with rappers Mark and Taeyong going strong, the song makes you want to do nothing but what drives you and pumps you up. On the other hand, “I Can’t Stand The Rain” is a sort of faster-paced ballad, coupled with classic k-pop high notes, strong instrumental quality, and really pulls at your heartstrings for some reason. 


All of the album’s songs are catchy, stuck in your head or make you feel empowered by the thrall of their voices and dances. Even with just this one album, one can expect the concert to be jam-packed with fans, songs pertaining to each member and their biggest hits, along with dance solos as well. With the purchase of a concert ticket, we received the physical album for free, as many artists do these days. 


I cannot believe the concert is days away, and eagerly await to see these legends live. Thankfully priced reasonably compared to normal k-pop concerts, the tickets sold out fast. Who knows how crazy and surreal this experience will be? All I know is, I’m going to be “jopping”’ soon enough. 

Hi, I'm Sanjana Iyer! I am a proud 20-year-old Indian-American, born and raised near Boston and moved to Austin, TX before high school. I graduated from Lake Travis HS in 2018 and am aiming to graduate a year in advance from UNT in 2021 with a Digital/Print Journalism degree and a double-minor in Criminal Justice and History. Traveling, singing, adventuring, nature, sports, and music are some of my greatest passions. I enjoy Kpop and Anime as well. I am a huge advocate for animal, environmental, minority, and women's rights. I am also an Isha Meditator, along with being one of the main vocalists for Sounds of Isha (Austin Branch). I tend to live by the phrase "Don't Worry, Be Happy!" and highly believe in a carefree, free-spirited yet spiritual, aware lifestyle. ~ Aspire to Inspire
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