Style Evolution

If you’re anything like me you’ve been feeling disenchanted with your closet lately. Everything in your closet just isn’t exciting you the way that it used to, shopping has become more of a chore, and your visuals are severely lacking. So, how do you fix it? 

Find Your Style Inspiration 

First you need to find your style inspiration. Do you have celebrity fashion crush? Or a fashion blogger you can’t get enough of? Type them into the Pinterest search bar and start your fashion discovery journey! You can even start with a specific style of clothing. My jumping off points were: Glitter Cowgirl, Bella Hadid, and Edgy Fashion (so clearly I’m both literally and stylistically a hot ass mess).   

Pin Your Little Heart Out 

Create a fashion mood board on Pinterest so you have a place you can go back and reference. I looked through lots and lots of pictures, pinning the ones that I liked, but maybe wouldn’t be brave enough to try. Sounds weird, right? Pinning something you wouldn’t wear, but I did that because I had for years been stuck in a fashion box, only trying things that were mainstream and for lack of a better word, boring. Pinning things that I wouldn’t typically wear, but I loved, gave me the confidence to picture myself wearing those things. If that random fashion blogger on Pinterest can wear it, so can I! (Probably.)   

Shop. Shop. And Shop Some More. 

This is really the trickiest step, shopping your newly discovered style can be expensive. One of the best ways to evolve without breaking the bank is to do it slowly but surely. My strategy is for every new piece of clothing I buy I toss (donate or sell) one thing I don’t love. That way you’re building a new wardrobe without having to start over completely. You can also go through your closet and look for some pieces that can be salvaged in the style swap. Fashion basics, like tank tops always stand the test of tie.   

Stay Consistent 

It’s easy to get side tracked on the way to your new style, that’s why important to focused, focused, focused. I like to look at my mood board before I go on a big shopping excursion so I remember exactly what I’m looking for. I even ask myself when I’m shopping, would an edgy glitter cowgirl Bella Hadid wear this? If not, I leave it on the rack. 

So there you have it, my advice on a how to have your very own style evolution! May we all struggle then eventually find our way together!