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Spring Break 2k18: Miami Misogyny

We all saw that… 

​Before we get into the designated topic at hand, first and foremost, if you were wild’n out at spring break this year, you need to get checked/tested before stepping back on your college campus.

Secondly, it’s all disgusting at the end of the day. Whether you’re a man or a woman. 

Now, let’s talk real quick about how both sexes were going crazy in Miami, but somehow women are slut shamed for their behavior while men for some reason are deemed morally correct for exposing them any way they can. 

Somebody look at this.. 

There’s way more than that if you type into the search on Twitter for Spring Break Miami. (I suggest steering clear of the videos tab unless you like what you see).

These tweets are from the mouths of the same men who are in Miami (or not faulting men in Miami) for entertaining the same type of women they swear they “don’t want their daughters to grow up to be.”At this point, pointing out misogyny to these types only results in them lumping all women together; say, when one girl on Twitter justifies the RUMORS of a woman celebrity cheating or something. 

Seeing lewd acts in public should be morally wrong for the woman AND the man. Yet, the first responses you see are about “shawty” not loving herself for her to do that. What about homie not loving himself? Cause if we’re talking self worth and morals then there’s a large ratio of men to women who need some deep spiritual help. It takes two to tangle, and seeing the responses of both men and some women not see their obvious toxic misogyny is blindly sickening. 

These are the same people who will be “raising those daughters” in the future without mention at all of their sons.

But who am I to talk. I spent my spring  break with my parents visiting local news stations to network with post-graduation. I’m merely sipping tea from afar. 

Senior at The University of North Texas. I made Black UNT my news beat, and haven't been able to sleep since. Love covering all things melanated Mean Green.
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