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Sometimes love is not enough. There, I said it. Sometimes love is not enough of a reason to stay with someone. You can love your best friends and your roommates, but that doesn’t mean you should be in a romantic relationship with them. A relationship is so much more, it’s doing everyday life with whatever person/people you choose. You need to find someone who can make you happy on your day-to-day basis. 

Find someone who makes you happy in the way you need them to. Someone who understands your love language and works in ways to make you the happiest version of yourself. Get you someone who will teach you new things about love every day. 

Someone who will teach themselves how to slow dance for you because when they asked if you could, you got so excited that they lied and said they could. Someone who will show you sides to love that you never knew you were missing. Someone who will always make you a priority. Someone who will show you there is nothing better than living in the moment, but someone who will help you slow down when you need to. Get someone who makes you want to change all your plans, but doesn’t let you. Instead they support you in everything they do and push you forward even if that means seeing each other less. Get someone that will tell you they love you in the middle of the day on a Tuesday when you’re both tired and aggravated from work. Get someone who calls you to come over because they’re upset about something and you’re the only thing that can make them feel better. Get someone who keeps track of all your favorite things in a note saved on their phone. Find someone who will bring you down to Earth. Get someone who reminds you love is not about bragging on social media, no matter how much they deserve to be shown off. Get someone who will call in sick with you abruptly on a random Tuesday so that you can have a day off. When you work every day without any days off, sometimes you need to abruptly take a day off, so find someone who understands that. Find someone who respects your schedule and loves you for how hardworking you are. Get someone who will call you early in the morning before they go to work and ask if they can bring you a coffee to work. Find someone that makes you forget anyone else ever existed. Get someone who takes pictures of you in the moments they want to remember and on regular days. Someone who won’t let you overthink things. Someone who remembers all the important milestones and dates in your relationship. Someone who will take you camping and secretly pack their hoodie for you because they know you’ll end up cold. Someone who’s house you visit so much that your phone’s GPS thinks it’s your home. Someone who says they’re not romantic but will pick you up at 1 in the morning after work to dance in the middle of nowhere with music playing out of his truck. Someone who will drive to you from an hour away in the middle of the night because one of you had a bad day. 

Find someone who does your version of these things. Not everyone likes dancing; find someone who doesn’t mind sitting down with you instead of dancing. Not everyone likes coffee; find someone who makes you hot tea in the morning when you wake up. Some people don’t like spending a lot of time with others; find someone who respects your personal space. Some people don’t love to be in pictures; find someone who keeps track of their favorite times with you in other ways. Find someone who will love you in the way you need to be loved. Finding someone who works to understand what kind of things and actions you need to feel loved is hard. But, there is nothing more worthwhile. 

I thought that I knew love before I experienced this kind of love and I promise you; you’ll know when you find this kind of love. Like I referenced in my last article, years of settling for less have taught me that there’s no reason to be in a relationship if it doesn’t fulfill you.


A 20 year old transfer student and campus trendsetter at UNT who is passionate about equality. I love shoes and talking about things that hopefully help others.
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