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Seven Wonders of the Professional World

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNT chapter.

“What do you want to do when you graduate? What will you do with [insert degree here]?” These questions are daunting. I will be honest with you, I am apprehensive about the future and what I want to do. As a business major specifically in marketing… marketing is huge, and there are so many types of marketing I don’t even know where to begin. But I am here to alleviate your worry about your future. 

I was given a wonderful opportunity to visit a leading health care performance improvement company and talk to seven employees within their marketing department. (My mentor is the best) 

Here are seven points from seven employees:

1. Less is more

In this context, she talked about marketers, advertising and placing ads everywhere. But it applies to everything you do, want to do, and want to be. Focus on what matters most. 

2. Relationships are everything

Whether it is personal relationships, coworkers, or networking events, people are the key. Find a workplace culture that fits you. Be kind to everyone, and make friends along the way. You will be working with you coworkers and other employees daily. Sometimes multiple times a day. 

3. Your career might be nonexistent 

The Digital Marketer I interviewed talked about how her job didn’t exist in 1998. Digital marketing and technology connect you to everything and everyone. Your friend that moved in the 5th grade? Your iPhone can bridge you to them 10 years and 1000 miles apart. Before the internet, none of that was possible. YouTube and Instagram now are concentrated on selling you an experience. Companies and Big Brother are always watching. Technology is ever changing use that to your advantage. Whatever you want to do, go for it, you might just recreate the internet. 

4. Be Diverse & Adaptable

I asked everyone I talked to a version of “did you expect to be here?” and I got mixed answers. Everyone in a way said, “I didn’t expect to be here this long” and that’s always encouraging because they enjoy what they do. But don’t worry–none of them started at this company, they had plenty of jobs before landing here. Most of the employees talked about how they jumped around and figured out what they liked. One woman graduated with an English degree with a pre-med background. Another graduated with a liberal arts degree and went back to school for law. She is now in a public relations field.  Don’t stress about if what you’re pursuing is worth it. If you enjoy it, you’ll find something else you enjoy as well.

5. There are plenty of fish in the sea

Yes, this applies to people and jobs. There will always be something out there for you. Will it be exactly what you expected? Probably not. But if you’re unhappy, leave. Travel to new offices, jobs, or even countries if it’ll make you happy. 

6. Don’t do everything yourself

Delegate and have diligence. You have co-workers or a partner for a reason, especially if you’re managing a team. Let it go and let someone else handle it. 

7. Always follow up in an email. 

Sending an email won’t hurt and it can always clarify any doubts either party might have if you can’t meet in person. Be straightforward. Remember personal relationships are important! 

Bonus: I learned about competitive intelligence and spoke to a woman who worked in it. Basically, she’s a spy without all the CIA. And that is impressive. She is most definitely doing what she loves. Another employee talked about her trips to Washington D.C. because a public relations piece she wrote was being discussed among political officials. She told me how what she does has given her an adrenaline rush. 


These are seven points I learned about the professional world. If you’re worried about graduating and what comes next, breathe. You’ll figure it out. All you must do is go out and try things and see what you like and what you don’t. If you’re unhappy leave, there will always be something else.  You’ll figure out your own path and what is best for you.


I am currently a Marketing major with a Professional Selling concentration. I love going on mini adventures, exploring new spots in the city and of course a good cup of coffee. Follow me along the way!
Scotlyn is a UNT alum, Class of 2020. She graduated with a degree in Digital and Print Journalism and a minor in English. During her time with Her Campus, she served as the Chapter President for two years, and also held positions as Chapter Advisor, Writer, and Chapter Expansion Assistant through Her Campus Media. And yes, her name is like the country, but spelled differently.