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I don’t believe in right person, wrong time. 

For a long time though, I did. It made me feel better about any relationship that ended that I wasn’t completely sure about. I think that’s why a lot of people believe in ‘right person, wrong time.’ It goes along with the “if you love something let it go, if it comes back to you, it’s meant to be,” mindset. 

Sometimes I would be in a relationship and he’d be single, the next time we saw each other he’d be dating someone and I’d be single. We kept it up for a long time, lying to each other that it was because we were best friends and to be fair, we were. We’d known each other for eight years. Throughout all of my past relationships, I had always held out hope for him and our relationship. I always knew that any relationship I was in would end and it would finally be time for us. Eventually we would be together and everything would be perfect, and all the wait would have been worth it. Flash forward, we’re not together. Because we aren’t supposed to be together. We’re not even friends anymore. 

What we put each other through wasn’t fair. It wasn’t fair to ourselves or to the people we were with. Holding onto hope for something that’s never worked in the past was unrealistic and made it impossible to actually move forward into other relationships. Someone who isn’t right for you now, will most likely never be right for you. There is no need to worry about timing if you love each other, the wrong time is just an excuse. I know that maybe hard for you to hear and I’m sorry I have to be the one to tell you, but it’s only hard to hear because it’s true. 

We may have loved each other, in our own way, but it wasn’t real love. When it’s real love, you’ll know, there’s no doubt. When it’s real love, you will be each other’s priority one. There won’t be any back and forth. There won’t be a wrong time or wrong place. I feel like I constantly see posts about ‘meeting the right person at the wrong time’ and how sad it is. I’m sorry, you didn’t meet the right person at the wrong time, you just met the wrong person.  

I started dating my boyfriend 3 months before I left for school in a different state. We had to have the conversation about dating long distance. Anyone who has experienced a long distance relationship is concerned about the level of difficulty it will add to the relationship. But, I knew he was worth it, and he knew I was worth it. Soon we’ll have been together for a year, it may not seem like long to some people, but I know we have a long future ahead of us. Right time and place doesn’t matter to us. We started dating when we worked at the same place even though it was against company policy–wrong time and place is just an excuse, and we’re proof of that.  

With the person you truly love, any time and any place are the right ones. There won’t be any excuses–if it’s the right one, it is always the right time.

A 20 year old transfer student and campus trendsetter at UNT who is passionate about equality. I love shoes and talking about things that hopefully help others.
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