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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNT chapter.

            The perfect cup of coffee. It’s different for everyone. For me, it’s sometimes a cup of coffee from the ancient coffee maker in my parent’s kitchen. It’s sometimes an iced latte with almond milk from Jupiter House on the Square as I work hard on a brief or a research paper. Sometimes it’s black coffee from a random diner I’ve found with my friends or the espresso shot I drink with my brother. The perfect cup of coffee to me actually doesn’t really have anything to do with the way coffee tastes at all. 

            I tend to view everything in life like this. I think that circumstances are everything, whether they are the ones you have been given or the ones you put yourself in. I think that it is important to recognize where you are in life too. Often times, I crane my neck so far into the future that I completely overlook the present, which I think is a huge mistake. 

            Existence is about the little moments in life, what you can gain and learn from them, and what you can give in return. If you’re too worried about the future, or constantly looking back into the past, you might just overlook what’s most important in life. The relationships you have, the things you are achieving, and even the perfect cup of coffee. 

Junior at UNT studying History and Pre-Law. When I'm not reading, I enjoy baking, yoga, and watching 2000s Rom Coms.