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Orange Slice Above Shot
Ellen Gibbs / Spoon

An Orange Aftertaste

It tastes like a long road trip

Where we chase the sunset till twilight

Droopy eyes and bobbing heads 

Falling asleep to George Strait on the radio


It tastes like sunshine and laughter

Slices of oranges fill children’s smiles

Sticky fingers attack the sides of bellies

Love and admiration encompasses the pier


It tastes like the hottest day in July

Pool parties with friends

Sitting on the porch sipping peach tea

Gossiping about family drama


It tastes like a warm fuzzy feeling

Cuddling up by the fire

Sharing silly urban legends

In the cabin by the lake


It tastes like youth 

Excitedly dressing up for Halloween

Anticipating the sugar-induced coma

Ready for what the eerie night brings


It tastes like slow dancing

Clinging onto the one you love

Stolen glances as we twirl across the room

Breathing the air shared between two kindred souls


It tastes like war

In the heat of the moment

Foe to foe meet hand to hand

Two sides of the same coin that fail to become one


It tastes like the start of tomorrow

Colors stretching out over the horizon

Cradling the birds as they wake

Waiting for the new day to begin


It tastes like happiness

The one that reaches your eyes

And takes your breath away 

Always making you feel at home

Hi All! I'm a senior at UNT majoring in Anthropology and minoring in Peace Studies. I'm an aspiring screenwriter so movie commentaries are my weakness. I'm just here to make the world a better place by using my voice to help uplift others and sharing my stories in ways that I haven't seen them told before.
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