October Releases to Look Out for

Joker- This film is getting a lot of flack, somewhat rightfully, for possibly encouraging less-than-stellar behavior in its target audience. However, if you’re of the mind that everyone can make their own decisions and watch films without causing mass crime, this will be something to watch for comic fans and serious film enthusiasts alike. Joker enters theaters Oct 4. 


Mr. Robot Season 4- I am unafraid to say Mr. Robot is one of, if not the best, shows on TV right now. There’s cybercrime, treason, murder, Rami Malek and Christian Slater, and a dog named Flipper. Hurry up and binge the entire show before the final seasons premieres Oct 6.


El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie- Breaking Bad is a cultural phenomenon, and the glimpses we’ve seen of El Camino in trailers promises it will be a worthy addition to the universe. Get on the hype train. El Camino begins streaming on Netflix and in limited theaters Oct 11. 


Zombieland: Double Tap- When Zombieland was released ten years ago, it was a fun, goofy splatter fest with a lot of humor and gratuitous cameos. Since then, it’s become a cult classic in its own right. The sequel will (hopefully) deliver on those expectations. Zombieland: Double Tap enters theaters Oct 18. 


Bojack Horseman Season Six Part One- I know I said Mr. Robot might be the best show on TV right now, but Bojack Horseman is certainly fighting it for the crown. Bojack is one of the best representations of depression, alcoholism, and substance abuse ever, and still manages to make me laugh so hard I have to pause the show. Part one of the final, sixth season begins streaming on Netflix Oct 25.