An October Playlist

Fall is in full swing! Here’s a blend of new and older music to enjoy fall with. 


1. Lights Up by Harry Styles. Harry Styles, prince of pop, returned with a coming-out ballad that has a dark, sexy underbelly. Carefully blended vocals and an addictive beat make this a song for a drive on a crisp fall night. (Lights Up was released Oct. 11th.)


2. Tusk by Fleetwood Mac. This song never fails to make me go insane and dance like a madwoman every time I hear it. It’s just that good. Whispery vocals that turn into shouts and a college marching band backup make this a perfect fall party song. (Tusk is from Fleetwood Mac’s album Tusk, released Oct. 1979.) 


3. Pluto Projector by Rex Orange County. Rex Orange County is the absolute king of love songs, in my opinion, and this song relies on the beautiful romance within it. A gorgeous orchestral second half and Orange County’s hopeful, vulnerable vocals make this a perfect ‘it’s-chilly-let’s-cuddle’ song. (Pluto Projector, released Oct. 17th, is off of Rex Orange County’s upcoming album Pony, releasing Oct. 25th.) 


4. From Eden by Hozier. Hozier’s first, self-titled album is a quintessential fall staple that five years later still holds true. From Eden is a wondrous, soaring song with a dangerous undertone that emerges from beneath via Hozier’s beautiful, clear voice. Take a walk with this song. (From Edan was released in March 2014.)


5. DHL by Frank Ocean. Ocean is the king of surprise drops and withholding music until it meets his personal standards, and it always pays off. His new single is grimy and chill and cold in all the best ways. Go ahead and add this to the fall party list, too. (DHL was released Oct. 19th.)