NYFW Fall Winter 2019 Favorites

New York Fashion Week is one where influencers and fashionistas alike dream to be, and this season was one for the books. From the colors, to the bold patterns and the dramatic details, I was completely enthralled by daily updates from my favorite bloggers this past week. Here are my top 5 looks from NYFW February 2019:


  1. 11 Honoré On day one, two time Emmy nominated actress and Emmy winning producer, Laverne Cox, set the bar high while closing for 11 Honoré. She outshined Cinderella in this red wine tulle ball gown. From her dramatic entrance, to her confident stride, she dominated the runway as the gown moved effortlessly with every step. Overall, this dress was a total crowd pleaser, and all eyes could not leave Laverne as she closed out the collection and lead the finale. (https://twitter.com/nyfw)

  2. Jeremy Scott Influenced by black and white newsprint, Jeremy Scott introduced this bold collection which screamed chic streetwear, even though there were a few dresses and slips. I love how every piece was perfectly paired with combat boots and big bows. It was hard for me to choose a favorite, but this piece came up on top. Although it is quite loud for my everyday taste, I just love the oversized jacket paired with the fitted crop top and mini skirt. The lettering on the pieces don’t necessarily distract me, but they help me focus on the model herself. The lines of the letters also help to accentuate and elongate her features, such as her legs and her arms. (https://footwearnews.com/gallery/jeremy-scott-collection-photos-nyfw-fall-2019/jeremy-scott_10099626ae/)

  3. Nonie Although NYFW brings out the wild and creative side of designers, Nina Kharey tastefully kept with the basics for her fall/winter collection. I am a sucker for neutrals, and I think this is an achievable look for in the office and out on the town. I love the color palette of this piece because the beige cropped sweater creates a smooth transition between the white turtle neck, and black pencil skirt. Immediate white and black transitions can cause harsh lines to appear where they aren’t intended. I really enjoy the sleeves on the beige sweater as well. I think it adds more dimension and interest to the entire ensemble. Personally, I would love to pair this outfit with a pair of light wash jeans and my favorite casual sneakers for a day out with friends. (https://twitter.com/nyfw)

  4. Noon By Noor Designers Shaikha Noor Al Khalfia and Shaikha Haya Al Khalfia had a colorful take on some classic pieces. If you are looking for a perfect combination of feminine and comfy outfits, Noon by Noor has the collection for you. The color combination of mustard yellow and emerald green is one which I didn’t know I needed, until I saw the piece on the right. The pleated details and the flow of the silk dress help the soften the lines of the overall composition, especially since it is paired with such a chunky trench coat. The trench coat is also very flattering, even though it is quite long with no cinches. That’s because of the flared neckline, as well as the natural fall of the fabric. It helps to create an A-line from the neck down towards the ankles, which is very flattering. Overall, the feminine details paired with the subtle geometric designs within this collection was phenomenal. I highly recommend you explore the rest of the collection. https://twitter.com/nyfw )

  5. Tadashi Shoji Last, but not least is this beautiful A-line gown from Tadashi Shoji. It was hard to pick a favorite because his collection was full of lace, tulle, tasteful sparkles, and velvet. My girlie heart was just screaming at every single piece that floated down the runway. This specific gown is a lot louder than most of the collection, and what I would be traditionally comfortable with, but you cannot deny its beauty. It looks like it was hand-made for royalty! While the bodice comfortably hugged the model, the skirt flowed effortlessly as the silver foil design complemented it. The fitted waist and the flare of the skirt help to accentuate the model by making her appear taller. Overall, I just wish a similar dress existed when I was preparing for my senior prom. https://www.aol.com/article/lifestyle/2019/02/07/nyfw-tadashi-shoji-fallwinter-2019/23664280/   Did I forget to mention I couldn’t pick a favorite from this collection? Also, who doesn’t love a classic jumpsuit? This jumpsuit is everything to me: from the drop cap sleeves, to the cut, and deep royal blue color. Crushed velvet took the industry by storm, and I think it will still be a popular material for at least one more year. I am also a big fan of the semi-bell bottom flares of this jumpsuit. I think it adds movement and fluidity to the piece, especially since crushed velvet tends to bunch up. Overall, it just conveys a mix of sophistication and fun. This is a wonderful piece for those moments where you need to rush from a meeting to a date, or a formal event.


If I had to choose between summer and spring outfits, or fall and winter ones, the latter would be my preference. In my opinion, I feel like fall and winter pieces are more stylish and refined than some options in the former category. Overall, I was very happy by this season at New York Fashion Week. For a while, at previous NYFWs, I was not as interested in as many designs, but this year has made me very excited for the upcoming fall and winter seasons, and I hope you will be as enthusiastic.