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Not Graduating on Time? No Worries!

To the college women not graduating on time, graduating later than expected or not graduating within four years:

Graduation is just around the corner. This is a time of joy for many students, but for others it may bring frustration. All over campus soon-to-be-graduates are taking graduation pictures, Facebook feeds are full of reminiscent posts and announcements are blasted to students’ e-mail accounts. These all serve as annoying reminders that you are not graduating just yet. Here are some considerations to get through this challenging time.

Don’t compare.

This is definitely easier said than done. Your timeline is going to be full of friends’ posts about graduation. They will be talking about where they are going to work, and the new apartment they can’t wait to decorate. It’s not going to be easy, but push envy aside. They are your friends! These are the same people that got you through college, and they will still be there for you once they enter the real world. You are no less qualified than they are because you’re graduating a semester, or even a year later. This is a time to congratulate their accomplishments without diminishing your own. Besides, you know they’re going to be first in line to support you when it’s your turn to walk the stage.

Don’t beat yourself up.

College is difficult. Whether you’re a transfer student, changed majors, or had a full load with work it is OKAY that you’re not graduating within four years. Life happens, and (even though it may feel like it) it is not the end of the world. Graduating college in any amount of time is something to be proud of. Use this extra time to soak up the college experience, plan out your future, and take advantage of all the resources your college has to offer. Visit the career center, make an appointment with your advisor and seek out alumni connections. This way you will have a clearer image of what you want your life to look like after graduation! This situation will only serve as a road block if you allow it to.

You’re not alone.

There are stats to prove it! According to National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, only 56% of students at four-year public institutions earn degrees within six years. You may feel like you’re on your own, but this is far from the truth. Start focusing on what you need to do for a successful future, and ignore what everyone else is doing.

Congratulate Yourself!

You may not be there yet, but you’re getting there! Cheers to the countless hours studying, sacrifices you have made, and all the finals you have (and are going to) ace. Regardless of your major, or how long your journey was to graduation one thing is true; College is not easy. One day all of your hard work is going to be worth it, but until then just keep hustling. Upon receiving your diploma you’re going to be that much more prepared to be a #girlboss that’s ready to take on the world!

Lauren is a Public Relations major at University of North Texas with a passion for blogging, DIY, food and learning about the world. She's a self-proclaimed Pinterest addict, coffee lover and constant smiler who can (almost always) be caught eating. She has a serious case of wanderlust and hopes to one day work for a lifestyle and PR firm, as well as publish work focusing on travel.
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