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New Seasons on Netflix That I Can’t Wait For

I’m one of the many college students that relies on Hulu, Netflix, and other streaming services for my TV shows rather than cable television. It’s convenient in many ways, but the one downside to having just Netflix is that you have to wait for new seasons of shows to be released- months or even a year after they’ve aired. I make sure to keep away from unwanted spoilers, but my patience is running thin. I can’t wait for the new seasons of these three TV shows.


God, I am DYING for this one. I love the crudeness, raw reality of this show and how dramatic it gets with each seasons. Seeing all the characters grow up physically and mentally is just so interesting, and I’m definitely missing those scenes with Lip right about now. 

Grey’s Anatomy

I’ll admit I only watch Grey’s sporadically now, but now that Arizona and April are both leaving after the fourteenth season, I have to see it in order to finish their chapters. I’m perpetually emotional when it comes to this show, but for my sixteen year old self, I have to power through.

 Criminal Minds

God, this show stays exciting with every season. Although characters like Prentiss and Morgan have long departed, the intensity of the murders never wavers. I haven’t been able to catch these episodes on live TV, so I can only imagine the disturbing things to come.

What are you most excited for?

Orooj Syed is a senior at the University of North Texas, majoring in Biology and minoring in Criminal Justice. Between balancing her academics and extracurricular activities, she enjoys finding new places to travel and new foods to eat. Writing has always been one of her greatest passions and, next to sleeping, she considers it a form of free therapy.
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