Need A Distraction? Have I Got Some Ideas For You

With the Spring semester upon us, a lot of us are waiting to hear back from the graduate school we applied to last semester. With my law school applications complete and sent off, I needed some distractions to keep from refreshing my status checker every five minutes just to be disappointed in not having a decision just yet. If you’re impatient like me, here are some ways you can distract yourself and keep from stressing yourself out while waiting for decisions:

  1. Read a book

There’s nothing like diving into another universe to escape the one you’re living in.

    2. Take a bubble bath

I feel like there is no way to be stressed while surrounded by bubbles

    3. Scroll through TikTok

Am I the only one who could do this for hours and hours and not even realize time is passing by?

   4. Play games with your friends (online, of course)

This is a shameless self-promo, but check out my article about online games to play while social distancing.