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My Relationship With Bumble BFF

Ever since I started college in the fall, I have been looking to make more friends. I had still been keeping in touch with my friends back in my hometown, who I’d been friends with since high school, but I wanted to develop even more connections while I was in college. Before moving to my college, I was in the mindset that being an out-of-state student would be a hard transition. People have told me that I would meet people through my classes, organizations, or just through other people. While they were true, I didn’t have the best luck of finding friends mostly because of the pandemics’ restrictions. A majority of my fall semester classes were online. That being said, I had to find a different way to make some new connections and Bumble BFF was the first thing that came to my mind. 

I knew Bumble had a section for making friends so I thought I would try it out to see if I could make some new friends on my own. I thought it was pretty cool seeing a majority of people on the app who were looking for friends just like me. It was also cool to see so many people who had the same interests as me. When I would match with someone the conversations started out with a simple, “Hiii, How are you?”. After a while of saying that to everyone or talking about our similar interests, it all started to get a little repetitive. I met about one friend on Bumble BFF then I just stopped getting on there for a few months. I felt really bad about all of the people I had left on there. They all seemed like such great people with who I had missed an opportunity to become friends with. I just couldn’t find myself opening the app back up and continue the conversations months later. 

I recently opened the app back up again in search of more friendships. I realized that I can’t just sit around and wait for people to come to me anymore. When coming to college, I had a goal of reinventing myself and breaking out of my introverted shell. I shouldn’t waste my time in college being scared to talk to people. The app itself is a great way to meet new people and develop great relationships. Bumble BFF has actually helped me a lot with starting conversations with people in real life. The app is a great tool to use when you are first coming to college and looking for a new group of friends. 

Harmony Thomas is a sophomore at the University of North Texas. She is a Digital and Print Journalism major with a minor in merchandising. She loves to blog and write about fashion, music, and movies! When she is not writing you can catch her dancing to the latest Megan Thee Stallion song or shopping for the latest trends.
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