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Thanksgiving is coming up and we all know what that means — food. Whether it be the turkey or stuffing, we all have our faves. I must be honest, I have some strong opinions on this subject. Here is my ranked list of Thanksgiving foods. 


10. Cranberry Sauce — No. Just no. If you like it, good for you. But, it’s a no from me. I’m definitely a jelly or jam person, but with turkey? No thanks. 

9. Sweet Potato Casserole — Okay, don’t come for me on this one. It’s just not for me. 

8. Green Bean Casserole — Maybe I just have a personal vendetta against casseroles or something. Green beans are one of my favorite veggies. The casserole though? Mm-hm. 

7. Ham — It’s Thanksgiving. You can’t ignore the classic meat of choice on this holiday. I like ham, but ham just isn’t for me on Thanksgiving. 

6. Stuffing — Stuffing is okay. Don’t really love it or hate it. Just kinda there. 6/10. 

5. Gravy — I actually like gravy. My grandma always makes the gravy, so this year, because of COVID-19 and we’re not celebrating as a family, it’s gonna be sad not having it. Not too high on my list, but I gotta give gravy the respect it deserves. 

4. Turkey — You would think after my slander on ham this would be higher, but *shrug*. To me, Thanksgiving is all about the carbs, baby. 

3. Rolls — Some nice warm bread is what every Thanksgiving dinner needs. Sweet Hawaiin Rolls are my favorite, but any kind of bread will do. I mean, c’mon, it’s bread. 

2. Mac and Cheese — Apparently, mac and cheese is not a staple for some people’s Thanksgiving meals. What you have on Thanksgiving is your choice, but you’re saying you don’t want mac and cheese? Seems sus to me. 

1. Mashed Potatoes — The crème de la crème of Thanksgivng sides. The one who is always there for you. The side that you know has your back. I could write sonnets about how much I love mashed potatoes. I may never find true love in life, but I can rest easy knowing I will always have one thing, my true love — mashed potatoes. 


My list may not match yours. That’s fine. We can agree to disagree. Thanksgiving is going to look different for most of us this year. Whether you’re celebrating with your family, friends, roommates, or by yourself. I truly hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving day.

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