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Matcha made in Heaven! Best places to get good matcha in Dallas

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Everybody has times when they want to venture out and try something completely new and outside of their comfort zone. Recently, I have been absolutely obsessed with one thing- matcha. Not because I am a super fan and love to try them all, but because I have had it one time and had THE WORST experience. I had a Matcha latte at Starbucks once and that was enough for me to never want to try it again. I mentioned this at my job the other day and instantly made it a topic for conversation. My coworkers then suggested I try it once more and gave me plenty of suggestions to try from. I wanted to share the list with everyone so we can maybe all have a good experience when trying matcha!

  1. La La Land Honestly their entire aesthetic is super fun and cutesie so I assume they have to have good matcha. I have previously tried La La Land before and their lattes are super yummy. They also have a nice selection of food for a quick snack!
  2. Foxtrot I had honestly never heard of this one before today. It’s very pretty and looks like it has a nice patio to sit on.
  3. Sip Stir Honestly, I have been to Sip Stir but not for their Matcha. My friends swear by it though, so I most definitely have to be back. It is a little small coffee shop and super cute.
  4. Junbi I have only recently learned about Junbi, but I did look it up and it looks super fun.
  5. Kung Fu Tea Kung Fu tea is similar to any other boba place; which for the record, I am a huge fan of.

I really hope you guys give these a try when you’re feeling adventurous! I know I am. I will most definitely post about my experience in my next article!

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