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Everyone asks this question, I know. While re-watching Sex and the City for the millionth time last night, Carrie Bradshaw posed the age old question. 

“Is it still possible to believe in love at first sight?”

Is it, and if so, why would you want to? There are millions of articles and stories about this phenomenon that people so desperately want to believe in, but, I have to be honest, I don’t understand the obsession with love at first sight. How can you love someone without knowing anything about them? Loving someone you know nothing about? What is there to love? 

One of the best parts of being in love is having someone who knows everything about you and vice versa and having someone that you can tell anything to without fear of judgement. The concept of love at first sight completely derails all of the greatest parts of being in love. Without all of the trust and shared knowledge, there is no love. 

Now, I’m not saying you can’t fall in love with someone quickly. I don’t doubt that’s possible, but love at the very first sight? Not possible. There is so much more to love than lust. There has to be an emotional connection. There has to be friendship.

Real love, while it may sound cheesy, is about getting to know someone better than anyone else does. 

So, while it may be possible to believe in love at first sight, I wouldn’t recommend it. When it’s real, you’ll know. 

A 20 year old transfer student and campus trendsetter at UNT who is passionate about equality. I love shoes and talking about things that hopefully help others.
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