A Letter to Men

Dear men,

By now you must have heard the term “men are trash,” which is a term popularized by women on social media. I have seen many of y’all disrespect and shame women when they use this term. But don’t you think it's time to calm down and understand what we really mean? Definitely. This term does not apply to every man, but many of y’all have decided to wear this shoe and it fits perfectly. When we say men are trash, it is not only about calling out the men that cheat in their relationships, but calling men out on their toxic behaviors. For many years, men have always had it their way; were considered the superior gender while they ignored women while they needed help. Men were often encouraged in behaviors which have now been identified to be toxic; cheating, physical and sexual abuse, and not acknowledging that women have feelings too. For years, you’ve told us how to look, act, speak, and told us what to do. But the moment we decide to have a voice, you shut us down by manipulating, tearing us down, and calling us words. You defend your patriarchy with the Bible, ignoring the other part which tells you to love us like you love yourself. Now that women are beginning to realize how wonderful they are, you get scared, all shaken up, then you proceed to degrade her. Hence, we say men are trash and say it boldly till y’all admit that the system was made for men to be seen as the better and stronger version in the society.  



A successful black woman