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So far, 2020 has sucked. And while in quarantine, it has been difficult to find things that have made the year feel less like the worst year in existence. One thing that has gotten me throughout the year is music and thankfully my favorite band, 5 Seconds of Summer, came out with a new album in March. The album's name is CALM and yet I felt no such thing while listening to it for the first time. So, in case you’ve never heard of them or this album, I’m going to rank the songs from great to good. Each song is so different that it is hard to compare them to each other, so here's the order that I think y’all should start with. 


  1. Lover of Mine - This song is in my top three of their best songs. It really just gets you in your feels. Not going to lie, I cried the first time I heard it. Definitely on my wedding playlist. 

  2. Best Years - Best Years is another song that gets you in your feels. Another one on the wedding playlist too. Just overall a beautifully written song.

  3. Old Me - Old Me is in the top three solely because it’s about the journey that the boys in the band have experienced and gone through since their start in 2011. The music video is pure genius as well. 

  4. Not In the Same Way - This song is like nothing I've heard from them before. It’s completely different from all the other songs and it really just gives an extra touch to the album.

  5. Wildflower - Wildflower is the only song on the album that my favorite member, Calum, sings, so of course, it had to make the top five. Also a banger though.

  6. Red Desert - Red Desert is another song that is so different from the others. It starts off the album and I think that it captures how different this album is compared to the others they've come out with. 

  7. High - High is honestly a really good song, but it's one that you like a lot at the beginning and then slowly start listening to less and less. It’s the last song on the album and it really finishes it well. 

  8. Easier - Easier came out in 2019 and I’m not quite sure why they added it to the album. It really should have stayed as a single. But it is a song that you can sing at the top of your lungs and never get bored. It’s not higher solely because I’m upset that I could’ve gotten another song over it. 

  9. No Shame - No Shame honestly hits different, it’s another great song to show the growth of the band since their beginning. I really like this song, but just not as much as the others. 

  10. Lonely Heart - I have slowly started liking this song more and more as the months go on. I love how they sound in it but I don’t like the beat changes. It’s a song that a lot of the other fans love and I’m starting to too. 

  11. Teeth - Teeth is another song that came out in 2019 and I, again, have no idea why they included it on this album. Still a good song but I wish it would have stayed as a single. 

  12. Thin White Lies - This is definitely my least favorite song by them on this album and it's in my top 10 least favorite of all their songs. It still goes hard and a lot of other fans really like it, it's just not my style. 

Junior at UNT studying sociology. Tom Holland and 5SOS obsessed.
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