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Improve Your Skin Without Breaking the Bank

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As we all know, Texas weather isn’t the ideal type for anybody’s skin. The constant fluctuation between hot and cold, along with dry and humid, can take a major toll on our body’s most sensitive organ. Along with the overall wear and tear of being a college student, our skin is desperately crying out for help. We need to take the appropriate measures for our skin – without having to sell an arm and leg.

Skin care routine is one of the hottest fads right now, but perfect skin is deemed to be near impossible without high-end products. However, what we are trying to achieve today is not flawless skin, but healthy skin.

These are some drug store products which I define to be just enough for my combination skin and my budget.

Pixi’s Hydrating Milky Serum:

Overall, I am very pleased with Pixi products. They deliver some of the best results without asking too much from my wallet. On average, their skin care products are retailed at $22.00. This specific product is like liquid gold for your skin. It has the perfect balance between hydrating components, along with vitamins, and fatty acids. Not to mention, it’s delicate fragrance is one that will instantly soothe you. 2-3 drops in the morning and nighttime before you moisturize is highly recommended.

This hydrating serum does exactly what it’s advertised to do, and it absorbs into your skin quickly and evenly. The product is for all skin types, and is not tested on animals; therefore, there should be no excuse to not try out this product.

E.L.F’s Illuminating Eye Cream:

E.L.F is hands down one of the best drug store brands you could ask for. The brand is crazy affordable without compromising quality. Recently, E.L.F launched their skin care collection, and I am in love. Especially with their illuminating eye cream. This product is retailed at just $10.00, and is the best under eye cream when compared to Origin Tree and Juice Beauty products.

Its gentle formula has a medium consistency, and spreads well under the eye, and around the temples and brow bone. This product is also soothing and very affective for puffiness and tired eyes. It absorbs well into the skin without leaving your skin oily. This is perfect for your daily morning routines.

Remember, the under eyes are the thinnest parts of your skin. You must be gentle when working product into this area. Use your ring-finger with gentle tapping and gliding motions, being mindful to not excessively pull at the skin.

Aveeno’s Positively Radiant Intensive Night Cream:

Using only daily moisturizer will just not do for Texas’s unruly weather. The constant variation in weather can pull at your skin, and this doesn’t help with fine lines and wrinkles. You may want to consider a rich night cream for extra moisture and anti-aging purposes.

This product retailed at $15.00 will help even out your skin tone, along with giving you an extra boost of hydrating and fatty ingredients that will make your face revert to its baby softness. Its formula is thick but easy to spread. This allows the product to slowly absorb into your skin, aiding it in the hydrating process.

Sheet Masks:

These masks are way more affective in terms of hydration, and bringing life back into your skin, in comparison to wash off masks. Wash off masks force you to play rough with your delicate skin by applying the product and then essentially scrubbing it off. Sheet masks are an easy way to boost your skin with nutrients and hydrating serums without the extra pull. Various brands carry these products, and within each brand, there are different combinations of serums which help to target your specific wants and needs.

We are all aware that high-end skin care products are the better, and more effective forms of treatment. However, we are still young, and we can’t just wait until we have the money to start a high-end skin care routine. Instead, start with what’s doable, take baby steps, and work up from there.

Overall, having some effective skin routine is vital in maintaining the longevity of your skin, and helps to prevent early aging, fine lines, and wrinkles. Once you’ve established your skin care routine, every day will feel like a spa day, and you will find that skin care is not as big of a hassle, or a financial drain, as you initially thought.

I am a senior at the University of North Texas: majoring in biology with a double minor in chemistry and psychology. I am the current treasurer for Her Campus UNT, and I aspire to be a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Outside of my responsibilities, I like to play volleyball and engage in creative activities.
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