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How to Make Friendship Bracelets

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNT chapter.

With Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour movie right around the corner, now is the perfect time to break out the strings and beads from the drawer, or buy off Amazon, and get to crafting!

While friendship bracelets have been around for years, they’ve recently gained popularity through Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. The trend comes from a lyric from her 2022 song, You’re On Your Own Kid. Fans decided to make bracelets to trade at each stop of the tour, and since then they are starting to become a staple at concerts of all artists. So, now seems to be the best time to learn, or re-teach yourself, how to make one!

STEP 1 – Gathering Supplies

The main supplies needed are 

  • Beads (make sure the beads will fit through the string you have!)
  • String (Preferably stretchy string) 
  • Tweezers (optional) 
  • Scissors 

You can get the supplies individually from a craft store, but I like to use a kit. Here’s one from Amazon that I liked.

STEP 2 – Get Some Inspiration 

There are a TON of bracelet inspos out there due to their recent popularity. Pinterest is a great place to look. You can make some with your besties and make matching ones, you can do some with your favorite songs, or just do some colorful bead patterns!

STEP 3 – Pick Your Beads 

Now it’s time to start! Once you know what kind of bracelet you are doing, I suggest taking the beads and laying them out how they will be once the bracelet is done. That way you know which beads are going where and won’t have to look for any once you have started your bracelet.

STEP 4 – Cutting The String and Starting to Bead

I recommend measuring by your wrist, then cutting the string and leaving just a little extra room. 

You can string a couple of different ways. You can tie one end to your table, then start by putting the beads on from one end to the other. Or, you can go from the middle out. (This is why picking out the beads and their placement beforehand is helpful!) Put down the first middle bead, then string the bead to the right of the first one, then string the bead to the left of the first one, and follow that pattern until you have finished!

STEP 5 – Tying Off The Bracelet 

Once you have finished stringing all the beads, it is time to tie off your new bracelet! Take the two ends and tie a knot. (You should have enough to tie a double knot to make it more secure.) TIP: Put a little glue (E600 or Gorilla Glue is recommended) to make the knot more secure.

That’s it! You just made your very own friendship bracelet! Take a picture and post it to your story to show off your handiwork. Whether you just wanted to match with your besties, or already have your tickets secured for The Eras Movie night, you will look great with your new jewelry!

I am currently a freshman at UNT and majoring in Political Science! I am the oldest daughter and have three younger brothers. My passions include writing, reading, I have a huge book collection (and even bigger TBR list), and music. The biggest thing people know about me is that I am a HUGE Swiftie.