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You’ve gotten through your first month of school. You’re getting into the groove of your classes, are used to being back in school, and you’ve got down what time you need to leave to get a good parking spot. So, now what? You are just getting the hang of the semester, so how do you keep up the next 10 weeks? Getting into a good routine and holding yourself accountable will help you avoid that mid-semester slump. 

Step #1. Keep using your planner. 

You know how at the beginning of the semester you always buy that super cute planner and use it diligently for the first few weeks of school (until you suddenly realize it’s Halloween and you haven’t opened that planner since Labor Day)? Yeah, let’s avoid that. 

Get a planner and keep using it. Don’t let it sit in the bottom of your backpack with those wrappers you keep telling yourself you’re going to throw away. Get some sparkly pens or some stickers if it helps. Using your planner keeps you on a schedule and helps you not fall behind. 

Step #2. Talk to your classmates. 

If it’s week five of classes and you don’t know anyone’s name in your classes — fix that. Cold season is basically all the time on a college campus, but with the fall months coming up you want to make sure you have someone you can message if you miss class. Also, make some friends. I know, I know, that’s easier said than done, but don’t focus so much on classes that you miss out on the social aspects of college. 

Step #3. Don’t slack on your classwork. 

Yes, I just said to not focus on your classes too much, but you have to keep your grades up. If you let yourself fall too far behind now, then you’re going to be kicking yourself in December. Winter Break seems eons away, but keep working hard until then. 

Those friends I just said to make? Make a study group with them. Plan an hour or two to meet up in the library and study together. 

No matter what — you’ve got this. You have already made it through a month of school. You can make it through a few more. 

Hi! I'm Hannah - a Journalism major with a minor in Criminal Justice.
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