How to Prepare for Your Tattoo Appointment

So you’ve finally made your appointment. You’ve picked a tattoo shop, an artist, a design and now you are just waiting for the big day to arrive. It’s nerve wracking but exciting. However, there are still some things to do before going to your tattoo appointment.

Sleep Well The Night Before. You should definitely try to get a full night’s sleep the night before your appointment. It may be hard because you are nervous/excited for your appointment, but a full night’s sleep is definitely beneficial. It will help you feel refreshed in the morning and alert while getting your tattoo because getting your tattoo while exhausting isn’t a good thing.

Eat Well Right Before. You definitely need to eat a full meal right before your appointment. Not eating will cause you to feel lightheaded and possibly pass out while getting tattoo. It might be hard to eat if you’re super nervous, but do it anyway. And you might even want to bring a few snacks to your appointment, especially if you have a long session.

Don’t Drink The Night Before. You do not want to get tattooed hungover. So don’t drink the night before your appointment. Just don’t do it. You’ll regret it in the morning and it’s just not good to be hungover and getting a tattoo. Plus, drinking the night before could thin your blood, making you bleed more when you are getting tattooed.

Have Enough Money To Tip Your Artist. Yes, your tattoo is probably already expensive. But you need to tip your artist. They’ve worked hard to make your tattoo design as good as it can be and they deserve a tip. Plus, it’s just common courtesy. Don’t be that jerk that doesn’t tip.

Bring Stuff To Keep You Occupied. If you are getting a relatively big tattoo, chances are your appointment will be a few hours long. So bring some stuff to keep you occupied for the duration of your appointment. Whether it’s headphones, a book, a friend, bring something that will help keep you occupied and pass the time.