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The holiday drinks at Starbucks just hit the menu and everyone’s starting to have the annual “is it too early to listen to Christmas music?” debate. Sheesh, my subdivision put its holiday garland and wreaths out on October 30… Needless to say, the magic is settling into the atmosphere. Ready or not.

For some, the holidays are reminders to embrace tradition, family, unity, spiritual awareness, or romance. Hallmark movies are constantly living on your tv screen (like it or not), families are getting floured up together in the kitchen while blasting Mariah Carey, and ghosts from the past might even reach out to ask you on a movie date.

This is the reality for many people, but there is another side to this holiday coin.

For many others, the holiday season is the loneliest season. It might be a reminder of financial disparity – not being able to buy gifts for the people you love. It might be a reminder of losing someone in your life, whether it be a partner, family member, or friend. For some, it may even be a reminder of how unhappy you are, seeing everyone around you entranced by the holiday magic and not feeling up to matching that energy.

No matter which description resonates with you, I hope you take the time you have to do the things you have been longing to do all semester long.

Get back into singing, drawing, reading, going on walks with friends, baking, watching movies… Get back into writing that short story you put on hold to study for exams. We are all yearning to become reacquainted with certain parts of ourselves, and as a wise woman recently reminded me, we have more control over our (pockets of free) time than we think we do.

Do what brings you even an ounce of joy if only for a moment. I am working at this every day. Be lazy and be comfortable with being lazy. You do not have to be “productive” to have value, and you do not have to be happy to be fulfilled.

I wish you all the fulfillment this holiday season, you valuable person!

I am a journalism student at UNT, with a minor in music. My passions are writing, singing and sipping strong coffee! I am particularly interested in aiding young women on their journey to finding peace in the midst of pain. I feel that there is much to learn from each of our unique positions and various lived experiences. Together, I hope we can find fulfillment, joy and inspiration in life!