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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNT chapter.

Her Campus UNT Chapter started off the semester strong with our Fall Rummage Sale event! Taking gently used clothing and accessories from our own member’s closets, we sold items to our campus in an effort to provide a “thrift shop stop” for the campus community. Her Campus UNT wanted to end the year off just as strongly as we started so we hosted our first Beauty In Me, Beauty In UNT event. 




The idea behind the event was to empower the diverse students on campus by having honest conversations about what it means to be beautiful. We showcased local student makeup artists, as well as local student businesses and organizations who had services to offer in beauty. Along with makeup artists and other beauty networks, we had photoshoots and DIY tables for fun for our campus audience, not to mention food! Tickets were $10.00, and raffle prizes were given out throughout the night.



Her Campus UNT has been making strides in growing their chapter at The University of North Texas in Denton. We started our new chapter in Spring 2016, and within one semesterwe  have hit Silver Status by the Her Campus standards scale. Our online presence has garnered them fast growth, going from 300 followers on their Twitter account alone to nearly 700 within the Fall Semester (and still growing). The goals for the chapter are, of course, by and for Her Campus Nationals, but along with national goals, we have personal goals to grow our membership and presence on campus. The slogan for Her Campus is “A Colligatte’s Guide to Life,” to which, Her Campus UNT posed the question, “How can we be a college guide to life?” 




Her Campus UNT believes that creating these types of events for our campus helps to ensure we foster the development and growth of the students at our school. We seek to be a guiding light for UNT’s campus, especially the women of UNT. Hosting their first annual event was a defining moment for the chapter just starting off. We hope to bring many more events, seminars, panels, and articles to our campus to always be a “guide to life.” 


Senior at The University of North Texas. I made Black UNT my news beat, and haven't been able to sleep since. Love covering all things melanated Mean Green.
Orooj Syed is a senior at the University of North Texas, majoring in Biology and minoring in Criminal Justice. Between balancing her academics and extracurricular activities, she enjoys finding new places to travel and new foods to eat. Writing has always been one of her greatest passions and, next to sleeping, she considers it a form of free therapy.