Getting over the fragility of new love

There is a taste of fragility that begins with everything new, moments where we dance on our tippy toes, around what we truly want to say or do. And within a single breath I had blurted out “I love him” when his ears weren’t in reach, and within the hour he heard the words fall from my lips. Sometimes it’s easy like that: to find a love that you don’t have to think about, a love deserved. I’m a sappy human being my nature, so Jackson, baby, this one’s for you.

I came to college with the mindset that I would not date. Nope. Nada. Not happening. Two weeks in, I looked up to see your goofy smile on the sidewalk and the game changed. After many days of back and forth, I realized that I deserved you. You are simply too good to be true. Your love radiates from you. It’s in the way you include everyone in a conversation and want to be everyone’s friend, it’s in the way you remind me to eat three times a day and how you like to walk me places even if you don’t plan to stay. You know how to make me and our friends laugh by simply being yourself (and by quoting New Girl, of course). You are effervescent and intoxicating. Your love moves me, it makes me a better person. I think everyone deserves a love like yours. 

There are some moments where I have to remind myself that I am deserving of love, that not every moment has to be weighed down by the fragility of newness and that I am allowed to take it in. And I highly suggest, to find someone who lets you know you deserve to feel love. You won’t regret it.