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Donkey’s Milk Soap Should Be The Next Big Thing

After recommendation by my coworker to try adding a bar of Donkey’s Milk soap for health benefits into my shower routine. The soap is known to “provide natural nourishment to the skin and toned it” as well as “inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria on the skin and reduce the rate of skin infection” (Prasad). Specifically, the soap is supposed to help “treat acne, psoriasis, eczema and other skin related infection” giving me an increasing interest in whether this actually would help me (Prasad).

I have struggled with a large amount of acne growing up and in recent years it has gotten under control with the use of acne medication. However, the past few months I have really struggled with chest acne that no matter what topical treatment I used, would not go away. To add on, I have some eczema that with heat patches up largely.

The use of Donkey’s milk soap not only decreased my chest acne but also moisturized my skin at the same time. I walked out of my showers with super soft skin. While it did not obviously erase my eczema, I was also able to walk out of my shower with less of an eczema rash than normal.

Since I have run out of the bar of soap, my chest acne has shown up back in large amounts. This has caused me to rush back online and order another bar of soap. Check out this soap on Etsy, Amazon, etc., and help your skin gain the benefits I was able to receive.


Prasad, Bhairav. “Nutritional and Health Benefits of Donkey Milk.” Journal of Food Science and Nutrition Therapy, 3 Oct. 2020, www.peertechzpublications.com/articles/JFSNT-6-122.php.

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