Denton Bucket List

Denton is truly a city like none other and you’d be crazy not to take advantage all the cute and quirky thing this place has to offer so here are a few my favorite things that will hopefully become your favorites too!

Picnic on The Square

Gather your friends or family and head down to the Square. There’s always something to see and here and the spring time is the perfect picnic weather. Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll get to enjoy some local bands playing from afar.

Find Paschall Bar and have a drink

Paschalls is a little lounge nestled in a nook of the Square, but it maintains it air of mystery by being more than just a little hard to find. There’s no clear signage, so you’ll for a little while, but once you find it you’ll love it! Their unique interiors are a nice change of pace.

Hint: If you’re near Andy’s you’re close.

Crawl on Fry

Even if it’s not you scene, I suggest a crawl on Fry. It’s fun (if it’s with the right people) and a new experience, and an integral part of the 21 and up UNT experience. Plus there are a couple of great spots to eat afterward if you’re feeling more peckish than pukeish when it’s over.

Let Loose in Apogee

I know football isn’t everybody’s thing, It’s not even my thin, but there’s nothing like cheering on your team with a bunch of your peers. So go crazy; shake your pom poms, grab a drink, and get (respectably) rowdy. If you’re into the environment, but not so much the game, stay awhile and tailgate with your favorite organization. Either way the tickets are free and you’re bound to find something you enjoy there.


Have a late night snack at Dix Coney Island

Perfect for a late night/drunk snack, Dix Coney Island is not only are they cheap, they’re delicious. There are new to the Square, but from my business alone they’ll stay afloat.

Rock out to a new local band on the rooftop of LSA

There’s nothing better than a free concert and a delicious burger and LSA provides both. Any given night you’ll hear local bands jamming out on their beautiful rooftop. Not to mention their burgers are amazing and are sure to keep you coming back. The mushroom burger is my personal favorite.

Arts and Jazz Festival

Pull on your rain boots and hightail it over the Denton Arts and Jazz Festival if you’re looking to see a different side of Denton. The festival is home to some of the best jazz performances I’ve ever heard and was totally worth the trek in the mud and the crowds. It’s perfect for just you and your friends, but is also very family friendly.

Instagram Denton

Why not have a photoshoot day in Denton? Its chalk full of murals and spice your Instagram feed for sure. My friends I went on our own personal “wall hunt” and we used this, this, and this post to guide us!

Climb on the rooftop of a building on the square for a perfect view

I’m not sure how legal this is but I’ve seen quite a few pictures from rooftops of buildings on the Square and trust me, they’re beautiful. So if you get the chance, go for it.


Denton, TX Sign

Plan a cute night out and head over to 940’s. They have the perfect sophisticated bar feel, great food, and the famous Denton, TX light up sign in the back of the restaurant (Near the bathrooms). Who doesn’t want to wine, dine, then rep your fave city.


Have fun #dentoning!