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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNT chapter.

The rise of plant decor has taken over student living spaces across the country. It’s important to remember the differences between houseplants and their care-instructions before buying enough to fill your windowsill. Understanding the proper sunlight and water requirements is crucial to the life of your new leafy friend. Below is a list of easy to care for succulents that will fit perfectly in your new dorm room.

  • Aloe Vera: These plants are beautiful for decoration, and can also serve as skincare or burn cream when it’s leaves are fully grown. The biggest mistake new plant owners make when buying a new Aloe Vera is not potting it in a proper container. These succulents need proper drainage or else they will not grow. Also, make sure that they are in a very bright area of the room, preferably in direct sunlight. These are not the plant to buy for darker rooms.

Sunlight: Bright light (at least 6 hours a day).

Water: Once every 3-4 weeks; avoid letting it sit in water.

Other notes: A drainage hole is required.

  • Nerve Plant: If your window does not get good sunlight, a nerve plant (Fittonia) is the perfect addition. These plants can grow with nerves in shades of white to red, with the most common being a light pink color. Indirect sunlight is enough for this plant, so try to place it near a window but not against harsh light. Nerve plants are famous for the way their leaves will “wilt” when thirsty and miraculously come back to life when watered. In other words, you will always know if your plant needs extra water. It’s best just to gently press the soil and make sure it’s damp a few times a week.

Sunlight: Bright, indirect light.

Water: Keep soil moist, check often.

Other notes: This is a tropical plant, so cold temperatures will cause wilting.

  • Lucky Bamboo: These bamboo plants are gorgeous decorations and very low-maintenance. These grow best in indirect sunlight with plenty of water. Make sure to keep these watered frequently and pick off any yellowing leaves. Lucky Bamboo can be finicky with low temperatures, so avoid keeping them by air vents or drafty windows in the winter.

Sunlight: Indirect

Water: Constant water.

Other notes: Drainage is not required for this plant. Roots will outgrow their container after a while, so be sure to re-pot when necessary. 

  • Zebra Succulent: These succulents are good indoors, as long as they receive bright light for at least 3-4 hours. They can go a long amount of time without water, so Zebra plants can be considered low-maintenance. It’s best only to water when the soil has completely dried out, and to make sure the container has good drainage to avoid root rot.

Sunlight: Bright, indirect light.

Water: Infrequent; avoid overwatering.

Other notes: If the leaves turn red or yellow, this is a sign of too much sun!

Gina is a junior at the University of North Texas, studying public relations with a minor in fashion merchandising. She is extremely passionate about living sustainably and having a positive impact on the world around her. Through writing, fashion, and positivity, Gina plans on building a more inclusive and creative environment for womxn across the globe.