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The best gifts to get your girlfriends for Christmas this year

In the past 8 months, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought challenges to celebrating and enjoying time with those we love. Celebrating Christmas this year may be a little bit different, but the gift-giving shouldn’t. 


  1. A DIY Poly Gel nail kit 

Amazon price: $19.99

Since the pandemic,  many nail salons have continued to remain shut down, or either placed strict guidelines for customers to limit exposure to covid-19. For those who are a bit skeptical of sharing nail drills and foot tubes with strangers during this time, A DIY Poly Gel nail kit is the perfect gift for this year. 


  1. The New FENTY Beauty concealer

Sephora price: $35.00

She did it again! Rihanna originally released her debut brand FENTY Beauty it was a dream. With the inclusion of over 50 different shades of foundation, she now has a new line of concealers with, you guessed it, over 50 shades for women with a variety of tones. This gift is the perfect gift for that one friend who loves make-up.


  1. A cookbook

Target: The Full Plate- by Ayesha Curry $17.75 

The majority of us spent our quarantine inside taking up new hobbies, while the rest of us spent our spare time watching Netflix and eating way too much junk food.  If you or your friend are adventurous people who enjoy trying new things, a cookbook for this Christmas is the perfect investment. 


  1. An air fryer

Best Buy: CHEFMAN TurboFry $29.99

The air fryer is perfect for those quick meals that every college student craves in their dorm or apartment. An air fryer can cook anything from fish to vegetables like zucchini. 


  1. A VISA Gift card

Anywhere from $25-$500

Do you have a White Elephant coming up, but now quite sure what to buy? A VISA Gift card is the perfect gift to give your best friend.


Isis Martin is a 2nd year student at the University of North Texas studying Marketing. In her spare time she creates content for the HER Campus UNT social media team and writes articles on women’s empowerment. In the future she plans on working in the multifaceted world of Digital Marketing to improve the representation of black women in media and corporate fields.
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