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The Aftermath of the Election this Holiday Season

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNT chapter.

While it’s been a little over a month since the results of the elections were announced and most have already had to deal with racist family members, Christmas is coming up which means you will be more than likely forced to endure even more family members that subscribe to the ‘Proud Boys’ narrative. How do you deal with these ignorant members that support hate?

            Well, there has been a lot of doubling back by the moderate right. There has been talk of wondering why everyone cannot get along and be friends now. This coming from those same people who supported hate. Supported a man whose policies and rhetoric harmed many from minority communities. Be wary, for they are using the negative reactions from those of the left to spin their narrative that the “radical left” is indeed the violent ones.

            People on the right side of history should not be forced to make nice with these people. It is like asking a victim to be best friends with their assailant. The victim is not the one that has to be the bigger person. If someone was directly affected and would have been harmed based on if the outcome would have been different, than they have every right to be upset. People of color—especially members of the Black community saw nothing but violence against them for months on end as they worked tirelessly to overcome years of systematic racism.  

            However, there is still a lot that needs to be done to overcome a system rigged to keep white men as the victors. For those wanting the country to be in better shape, the aftermath has spurred more people into action. Especially to get those in Georgia to vote to help Democrats have power in the Senate once again.

            How does this all tie into the upcoming holly jolly season? Christmas at its core is a family holiday, meaning if there are members that supported soon to be former President Donald Trump than chances are at the dinner table you just might hear a thing or two about the election ‘fraud’. Don’t fret. Family isn’t always blood. Family consists of those who love you unconditionally and support you. Hard as it may be, if these people supported hate against you or hate that made you uncomfortable, they no longer have to be family or deserve the right to call you family.

            Do not endure what makes you unhappy for the sake of family. Found family can be more precious than blood. Happy holidays and let them be full of joy the way they are meant to be.


I am a journalism major at the University of North Texas. I am new to Her Campus and being a writer for the UNT chapter.