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A new trend has recently been emerging, and it’s taking over Tiktok and pinterest feeds alike. Hair Bows have recently been growing in popularity, partly due to up and coming celebrities and Tiktokers wearing them often. Here’s a guide to finding a hairbow you will love and will look absolutely perfect!

Finding a bow that works for you
While bows are very accessible to get as of late, you may not know what you want and the options can be a bit overwhelming. Here’s some tips to finding a bow/some bows that you will love!


  • Bows can vary in tail length, so try to find what look you love. If you have shorter hair, try finding one that when it sits, it will line up with the end of your hair or shorter. You can always do one longer than your hair, but I recommend starting here because it’s easier to find a look you love with this length. Longer hair is easier to manage the look, but try to find a bow with tails that are not too long, or get mixed in with your hair color. You don’t want your bow to get lost in translation.


  • Also remember to go with your aesthetic! What’s your color palette? What outfits do you keep in rotation? What vibe do you want to go for? Black and white will always be more universal, but if you have some pinks, maybe get a couple of those, if your skin tone looks good with purple, pick up one of those!

  How the bow will clip in/or tie

  • Bows can clip in a variety of ways. The most popular include the barrette and the pinch clip. The pinch clip is usually the easiest for most people and they prefer it (I do!) The barrette clip is one most people are unfamiliar with. You have to squeeze the sides of the closing in order for one part to pop out, you put your hair in, then squeeze it back closed. The pinch clip is pinching the ends together for the other side to open, putting your hair in, then stopping holding the sides in order for the bow to be secure. Look up videos if you’re unfamiliar, try both ways, and see what you are more comfortable with, which is more accessible to you, and which holds your hair type better.
  • Using ribbon for bows is another popular way and may be cheaper for you. This one is more simple, you just tie the bow around your hair, but it can be more difficult to get that perfect bow shape. Do some practicing and see what bow you think looks best with your hair!

Styling a bow 

There are two ways to go about styling depending on if you bought a bow/bows, or if you want to try doing it with some ribbon. Here’s some hairstyles that go well depending on what you want to do and your skill level!

Clip-in bows

  • The half up-half down will always be a good go-to! This hairstyle is the most popular right now. TIP: It looks best if the hair is not on the top of your head (unless that’s your vibe then go with it!) Try to secure your hair in the middle of the back of your head. I always take a ponytail holder that matches with my bow or my hair color, tie my hair in the style, then clip my bow just a little above that so it covers the hair tie.
  • A ponytail will always work! Tie all your hair up, again making sure it’s in the middle of the back of your head, and secure that way. Put the bow in, and you’re good to go! If you love this look the most, maybe try getting bows that are attached to ponytail holders to make this process simplified.

Tying a ribbon

  • You might find it’s easier or cheaper to get some ribbon and make your own bow! If that’s your vibe, then go for it. I’ve seen most ribbon bows are either satin, very thin, or lacey with some design, but you can always choose what you like best!
  • You can do the hairstyles listed above, but I would tie the ribbon around the ponytail holder that is securing the hair. Another hairstyle that works well if you’re tying your own is pigtails! While some still view this look as ‘childish’, I think it can be pretty cute no matter what the age! Tie the ends of some braids with thin ribbon for a cute look!

And Viola! 

You are now on your way to looking absolutely adorable and trendy! I hope these tips help you find that perfect bow and wear it with confidence! 

I am currently a freshman at UNT and majoring in Political Science! I am the oldest daughter and have three younger brothers. My passions include writing, reading, I have a huge book collection (and even bigger TBR list), and music. The biggest thing people know about me is that I am a HUGE Swiftie.