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7 DIY Worthy Halloween Costumes

Halloween is right around the corner, and with costumes costing around $30-$40 on average, why not make your own? Here’s 7 DIY ideas that won’t break your bank while still keeping you in the trick-or-treating spirit!

Little Red Riding Hood

Put your own twist on this childhood classic. All you really need is the iconic red cape, red lipstick, and a basket for treats!

For Couples: Have your S/O dress up as the big bad wolf.


Minnie Mouse

Transform one of those black long sleeve shirts and your converse into a super cute costume with minimal work! Add the mouse ears, a red skirt, and some lipstick and TA-DA!

For Couples/Groups: Mickey Mouse & Friends, DUH!


A Deer

Antlers and neutral colors are the only “must haves” for this super cute costume idea!

For Couples: Your S/O can dress up as a hunter or even a deer as well.


Put those Hawaiian shirts and khaki shorts to good use with this one. Sunglasses, tacky sunscreen, obnoxious hats, and long white socks will pull the look together!

For Couples/Groups: Everyone can be a tourist! The more, the merrier!


Throw on your cowboy boots, some overalls, and a flannel to achieve this costume! Dress it up with the makeup by overdoing the rosy cheeks and painting on stitches that extend from your mouth!

Blair Waldorf

Trendy schoolgirl or victorian goddess, the choice is yours! Just remember “fashion is the most powerful art there is” (and the headband of course).

For Couples/Groups: Recreate the whole Gossip Girl gang with your own friends this Halloween!

Regina George

On Wednesdays, we wear pink. Unfortunately, this Halloween falls on a Monday but that shouldn’t stop you from channeling your inner Mean Girl!

For Couples/Groups: S/O’s can go as Aaron Samuels while girlfriends can totally complete “The Plastics.” If you’d rather not be a stereotypical mean girl, go as Cady, Janis, and Damien!

Hey there! I'm Kaitlin and I attend The University of North Texas for Interior Design. I have an unhealthy obsession with anything Disney, almost all types of chocolate, and my 2 year old golden retriever, Bentley. Find me rearranging my room, changing my outfit 18 times, and dancing along to Panic! at the Disco or Taylor Swift in the meantime.
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