5 Things to do at Home While Social Distancing

1. The 3 S’s- The 3 S’s I abide by are self-care, self-reflect, and sleep. Be honest, when was the last time you slept for longer than 6 hours? Yes, I thought so. Since everyone is trying to stay safe from the coronavirus by practicing safe social distancing skills, you might as well take advantage of this time by sleeping for about 8 hours every night. Also, do something for yourself, it could be by doing face masks, drawing a bubble bath or doing your makeup. Whatever you do that relaxes you is what you should try to do this time. Additionally, the last S stands for self-reflection. This just means you should take a little bit of time to observe yourself to be able to grow. 

2. Catch up on a Netflix series- You can take this time to catch up on those Netflix shows you’ve been abandoning. Some recommendations are Grey’s Anatomy, On My Block, and A Series of Unfortunate Events. 


3. Read a book- There is nothing more relaxing or aesthetically pleasing than reading a good book or the satisfaction that comes with reading a book. You could read a book about self-help or may be interested in different types of books like romance, fiction, non-fiction, mystery, and horror. Honestly, the possibilities are endless. Some of my personal favorites are Becoming by Michelle Obama, The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav, and Far From The Tree by Andrew Solomon. 

4. Listen to a podcast- Podcasts are excellent ways to learn while doing things on the go. So far, some of my favorite podcasts are Hopped Off the Plane, 2 Black Girls, 1 Rose, and Black Men Can’t Jump in Hollywood.


5. Make a TikTok video- Yes!! Seriously. Learn a TikTok dance, and just make a video. You could learn the renegade or just make a POV video. It does not have to be a viral video. It’s just a perfect way to destress.