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5 Songs When You Need Comfort About Life

         When I have a rough day or I’m simply going through a hard time, the only thing that seems to help me is listening to music. Of course, listening to music helps when one can be sad, but I personally have songs that I gravitate towards when I need comfort. While some prefer talking to someone, watching an inspirational film, or writing their feelings down, I always turn to music. Out of all the songs that I love these are the top 5 that I always turn to when I need comfort to keep holding on and not too stuck in my head.


Chiquitita by ABBA


   There’s something about this songs melody and lyrics that just always never fail to wrap a melodic blanket over me when I’m going through something. This song is meant to remind you that this too shall pass and there will be a time where things will be all right. What I also love about this song, is the title, which refers to an affectionate nickname in spanish for someone you adore, which emphasizes the caring meaning behind the song. With words like “ you’ll be dancing once again, and the pain will end, you will have no time to grieve it," the song has a way of soothing your worries with a classic disco melody that brightens your spirit. This song is song from a perspective of a best friend singing to you that things will work themselves out and pain and sorrow shouldn’t get in the way of trying again. This dazzling song made it onto my list because of its beautiful metaphors and bright baroque-like melodies tied with an important message that I preferred to hear, yes things may be difficult right now, but keep your head up, try again, things will look up soon. With the repetitive line “try once more, like you did before, sing a new song Chiquitita” the song not only is comforting but is a reminder that sadness doesn’t have to be a permanent place. This is the perfect song to evoke the feeling that the friend that knows you the best is allowing you to cry on their shoulder.



Dust in the Wind by Kansas

Some may say this song tends to have a somber feeling to it, but I think that this song can have multiple meanings. This song centers around the concept of life and meaning. This song is comforting because it emphasizes that life is not forever, and you should live it the way you choose because in the end we are “dust in the wind”. Although some may take this song as a depressing tone, I personally see this song as a reminder that all our troubles in the end won’t mean much in the grand scheme of life and to not stress too much about things as if it’s the end of the world. I love how this song has an acoustic ambience which gives the lyrics a more sincere, heartfelt soothing tone. There are so many lines in the song that you can focus on independently and still feel the intention of this song. With lines such as “nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky, it slips away, and all your mother money won't another minute by,” the lyrics strike a chord with the listener with the reality that life keeps going on and you should appreciate it for what it is and enjoy the ride. This is an amazing song to listen to when you feel you were at a crossroads in your life or if you’re encountering a really difficult time where the situation seems hopeless.




Dancing in the Dark by Bruce Springsteen

This song stands out from this list by approaching comfort in a more motivating way. Coming from Bruce Springsteen during a time where he was under pressure from his label to produce the right amount of sales from his upcoming album, he wrote this song to originally express his anxiousness and confidence that things will work themselves out for the album. While Bruce Springsteen is known for writing many comforting songs about life and love, this one is one is my favorite because it approaches the frustration of a mundane life with motivation to do things fiercely to create a life that you want. With lyrics such as “you can’t start a fire worrying about your little world falling apart, this guns for hire, even if we’re just dancing in the dark,” springsteen sings about staying determined for what you want to achieve despite the obstacles. Although I personally interpret it about embracing going through life without a specific direction, the song can also carry a double meaning about finding someone that matches your level of not knowing where to go but enjoying the experience together “dancing in the dark”. I always play this song when I feel at a crossroads in my life or when I finish an important milestone and I don’t know what else is next for me which makes me anxious, so this song is my reminder that I don’t need to always know and that I should just enjoy life for what it is.




Take it Easy by The Eagles


If you are a fan of the classic Rock genre, then you would know about this song. This song is one of the most well-known songs by The Eagles. With its strong guitar riffs and striking harmonies, this song is the prefect song to visualize yourself on a road trip across the desert. Not only does it sound like the perfect road trip song, the lyrics also paint visual settings and storylines along the song, a signature trait of the Eagles music. I really admire this song for its effortless approach to interpreting life. So many lyrics in the song talk about how over complicating life shouldn’t always be the default. With lines such as, “Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive your crazy, lighten up while you still can, don’t even try to understand, just find a place to take your stand and take it easy” The song is a gentle reminder that you shouldn’t stress about life to the point where you get yourself hurt in the process. What I also admire about the song is that it does talk about how there will be things in life that will not always work out, but the important thing is to just enjoy the experience of life and make sure your decisions are based on your happiness and what makes you feel at your best. "Take it Easy" is a smooth, light pick me up when you feel like life is getting too heavy. 




Everythingoes by RM

From RM’s most recent personal works, "Everythingoes" is a song many people I know personally find comfort in. It’s about the beauty and sadness of the simple fact that it’s put simply, everything goes. That is the center of this song, the reminder that no matter how good or bad the thing you are experiencing, it will come and go. RM‘s soft synths and his slightly echoing voice cradling the song provides the listener with a very soft feeling of reassurance. What I really appreciate about this song is how it doesn’t sugarcoat how there can be things in life that are painful to experience, but even though these experiences can be painful, they won’t be painful forever. Sometimes we don’t want to hear happy reassurances, sometimes we just need someone to validate how we feel in that moment. "Everythingoes" does that with the reminder that life consists of highs and lows, and just like highs are fleeting, so are the lows. This song is night bike rides by a river with your friend, night drives with your friends with no clear destination, watching the sun set near your old school, and your closest friend giving you a big hug after unloading something that has been heavy on your chest. Sometimes just reminding yourself that things will pass can help you through difficult times. 



Thank you for reading! I would be very interested to hear your top 5 comfort songs :)

Psychology major with a Marketing minor. I love everything music related and traveling with friends and i would die for my dogs.
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