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5 Most Relatable Sitcom Characters

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNT chapter.

Chandler Bing

Or any of the Friends cast, really. Chandler in particular has a sarcastic sense of humor that rings true on one too many occasions. Plus, we all have that one friend that uses humor to de-intensify situations but is a giant softy at heart. 


Okay, we all have an Inner Jess from New Girl. We’re weird, awkward, nerdy, and are always thinking the crudest things at the worst times. The difference is- she expresses all of that, and we love her for it.

Leslie Knope

Because she trips and makes a fool of herself all the time, but she still manages to make a difference in the world. I wish we were all Leslie Knopes. 

Marnie from Girls

I personally relate to Marnie so much it actually hurts. She messes up a lot, and she isn’t always truthful, but when she is- you need her on your side. She’s a great friend, and so passionate, it’s hard not to connect with her.

Ted and Barney

Yup, both of them. They’re best friends, but they’re sooo different- it’s strange that they had the same love interest at one point, but it just shows that they have so much in common regardless of their differences: good hearts. If you don’t have a best friend that complements you so much, you’re missing out.

Who are your favorite sitcom characters?

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