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5 Guilty Pleasure TV Shows We All Used to Love

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNT chapter.

The TV industry continues to evolve, with the latest trend being superheroes and the supernatural. Here’s a list of 5 TV shows that we all used to watch until they ended in a blaze of glory or a horrible mess (and no, none of them have vampires).


The remake. The acting was subpar at best, but the remake of 90210 just made the inner dramatic teenagers in us squeal with delight. I don’t know what it is about these teenage drama shows, but there’s something so addictive about them. Granted, the series only got more cliche and and more repetitive as time went on, but until its 5th season end, I was definitely the first to watch every episode. 

One Tree Hill

See a pattern here? More teenage drama. The skip to four years into the future as the seasons progressed only added to the uniqueness of the show before it overran its welcome in our lives. Also, Sophia Bush. ‘Nuff said. 

Gossip Girl

It became old reallyyyy fast, but we still couldn’t wait to see who Gossip Girl really was. Spoiler alert: the reveal was not as dramatic as previous seasons, and it was only slightly believable at best. But still, we all tuned in on Thursday nights to find out. 

Jersey Shore

Okay, I couldn’t have been the only one who would secretly tune into MTV when my parents were out of the room. Jersey Shore was just one of many shows that was entertaining to watch, and I found myself wanting to watch it all the time. Even though its stars were definitely not great influences, they influenced culture all around them. Spray tans and poofs had never been more relevant until Snooki made them so. 

The Secret Life of the American Teenager

This show was either a lesson for you to have protected sex or a heart-wrenching relatable story, depending on how you grew up and your experiences. We saw first hand the consequences of getting pregnant in high school, as well as parental disputes and the consequences of everything in between. 

What used to be your favorite show?

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