5 Apps That Will Keep You Organized and Productive

In college, especially if you are a freshman, it can be hard to keep up with the amount of work you have to do. Not only keeping up with it, but also making sure you’re being organized in how you approach your work. It’s a lot to keep up with. Luckily in this digital age, there are more resources available to us than ever. One resource is apps. So here are 5 apps that will help keep you productive and organized. Habitica If regular to-do apps aren’t working for you, then try this app. I never could really get to-do apps to work for me, mainly because I’m kind of lazy, but this app works for me. Habitica turns your habits, to-do list and daily activities into a game. You have a character and the more tasks you complete, the more your character progresses. You can even fight boss monsters with other players. And lastly, Habitica is not only free, but available as a website and not just an app.

Evernote I love using Evernote. Evernote is perfect for making lists and keeping yourself organized. I use Evernote primarily as a list app, but you can also use it as a to-do app and share your notes with other people. You can search your notes and it syncs across your devices so you will always have the most up to date version of your notes. Evernote is free for basic use and like Habitica is also available as a website.  


Digit Being a college student, saving money can be a little difficult. There are big expenses and little expenses every day. Digit can help you save money. You connect your bank information to the app and every day it saves a little from your account into a separate account. It saves however little or much you want and because it’s a separate account, you can actually be successful in saving money. You don’t really see the money that it saves and because it is only a little, it won’t put a huge dent in your bank account.  

Forest I have a hard time focusing on my school work sometimes and that’s where Forest comes in. Forest is an app that helps you stay off your phone or your computer while trying to work. You choose an amount of time that you want to work - from 5 minutes to 2 hours - and during that time, Forest grows a tree. The point of the app is to stay off your phone and successfully grow the tree, eventually creating a forest with your use of the app. This app is $1.99 on the app store, but is free as Google Chrome Extension.

Google Apps It is imperative that you have a gmail account. Honestly. Having a gmail account gives you access to all of the Google apps - apps like Google drive, docs, sheets, slides, etc. The best and most helpful part of using the Google apps is they are available offline and on any computer. You just need a gmail account. And Google drive is a dropbox that can be accessed anywhere and accessed online as well. I definitely recommend using the Google apps. They are incredibly helpful.