4 Unfortunate Truths About Going to UNT

I love going to UNT. This is definitely the place for me and choosing UNT as my college was one of my best decisions. However, as much as I love going to UNT, there are a few unfortunate things about it that you just have to live with.

The Weather UNT has an unfortunate location as it experiences almost every type of weather possible. We have the rain, the heat, the cold, and the humid. North texas also has tornados and snow, although these weather types are less frequent. Basically, if you go to UNT, you should be prepared for any type of weather phenomenon.

The Hills North texas has so many hills. Walking around campus, you can go uphill and downhill like 4 times before you get to your particular class. While having all these hills can help your legs, it’s still such a pain to go uphill and downhill constantly.

The Construction While it won’t be a problem forever, it definitely is a problem now. Especially if you have to drive somewhere. There is construction almost everywhere you drive, not to mention the roads that you’re driving on are pretty bumpy. And with all the construction, you have to reroute sometimes to avoid it. Construction is always a pain and I can’t wait until it’s all over.

The Drive Home This doesn’t apply to everyone, but when I made the decision to attend UNT, I also committed to drive 4 hours home and back whenever I wanted to see my family. I love seeing my family, but I don’t love the 4 hour drive home each time I want to see them. And if you live farther than 4 hours away, the drive is even more of a pain.

None of these things can compare to our love for UNT, though. Once an eagle, always an eagle (even if you've gotta walk a little more sometimes).