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3 Ways To Calm Your Nerves In A Pinch

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNT chapter.

       With our generation’s fast-paced way of living combined with the current pandemic, many of us have found ourselves overwhelmed whether it is through our routines, or from our current events. When we are overwhelmed or running high on nerves for extended periods of time, the nerves can have detrimental effects such as increased forgetfulness, unhealthy sleep habits, heart issues, as well as other health issues. I find the most stressful times to be overwhelmed is in moments where I need to be fully alert or focused on specific tasks like when I am at my job, a meeting, or a lecture. With that being said, here are 5 ways to calm your nerves when in a pinch.



    When I am stressed and need to calm down in a short amount of time, I look to seeking either interacting with devices that are distracting or other sensations like cold temperatures, or fuzzy textures. For example, I seek cold air when I am stressed because my temperature tends to rise when I am stressed so cold air tricks me into feeling more collected.

2. Entertainment

     Many forms of entertainment are great distractions to help distract you from any immediate factors that are overwhelming us such as simple video games, reading books, or watching our favorite movies. Sometimes entertainment distractions can be extremely helpful when you find yourself overthinking which leads you to begin to have physical reactions to your stress, and that’s the perfect time to put on your favorite show to give your mind a rest from what is bringing you down.


     Sometimes leaning on your loved ones is an amazing way to help calm your nerves when nothing else seems to work. By talking to your loved ones, they can help you clear your mind and help you focus on things that make you feel better or more relaxed or have someone to talk to or distract you from what you are feeling. For example, some people find it comforting to have a loved one with them so when they begin to show signs of a panic attack because they have someone with them helping them ease their symptoms and reduce them.

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