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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNT chapter.


Since the pandemic began its spread in has caused our areas to go on shut down and reduce physical contact, many of us have found ourselves running out of ideas on what to do while still respecting covid precautions. Thankfully, many businesses and groups are finding new innovative ways on being able to keep close to my loved ones and have fun while reducing as much contact as possible. With that being said, these are the three most common things I’ve been recently doing to stay entertained and connected with my loved ones while reducing as much contact with anyone as possible.

  1. Virtual hangouts

I’m sure by now uh students utilized the zoom app and website very frequently this semester. However, zoom is just as effective at helping us have fun. With games that are gaining notoriety such as among us, there are definitely still ways that we can keep in touch with our loved ones and friends and still have fun while being within covid protection standards. There’s also apps that allow us to watch our favorite shows and movies simultaneously with people and comment in real time such as the app brave and the extension tool Netflix party.


  1. Drive thru events

Recently there has been a lot of events that have modified the way to enjoy them through the concept of drive thru. This past month there were things such as drive thru haunted houses down to even scary car washes , a fun an innovative way on still having the opportunity to get your thrills while still staying within covid standards. Even the biannual light art installation festival Aurora has modified its way of being able to enjoy all the pieces from the safety of your car by renting out a parking garage and allowing you to drive through it while still enjoying all the art they have to offer. And in the holiday spirit, Christmas events have also been on the innovative streak by creating drive through light installations to get you in the holiday mood. Drive thru events are the perfect way to still soothe your itch of being stuck at home while also protecting yourself and others and still being able to have fun.


  1. Trying new things that you’ve been meaning to try

while trying to keep ourselves safe from covid Connor many of us have found ourselves with some pockets of downtime. I have found that in these times when I’m bored I remember all the activities and thoughts that I’ve had about wanting to try a certain things that at the time I didn’t have time for. Due to recent events , I’ve been able to try new things and pick up new hobbies to spend my new pockets of free time. If there’s anything that you’ve been pushing back or has attempt to try, now is a really great time to attempt these things or begin them (within covid precautions of course).



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