10 TV shows to Rewatch While Under Quarantine

Let me preface this by saying, this pandemic is a serious event, and we need to listen to the information that the CDC is telling us. With that being said, I find myself watching a lot of movies and TV shows to entertain myself during this time of everything being on lockdown. Thus, I thought it would be appropriate to write about tv shows to watch while at home. So, here’s my top ten tv shows to rewatch while under quarantine:

10. The Office (U.S.) - Netflix

To start off the list, I wanted to start with a classic TV show. One that you can just sit down, pick a season, and just watch an episode to have a laugh. Sure, watching from the beginning helps you pick up on small continuations of a large plot, but for most episodes, you will not be that confused if you haven’t seen anything leading up to the episode. I recently started listening to the Office Ladies podcast on Spotify, that features Jenna Fisher and Angela Kinsey going through each episode of the office, and I find it so fun to watch the episodes that connect to the Office Ladies episode I am listening to. If you are really into the office, listen to the podcast too, it is funny and contains tons of interesting behind the scenes information from the filming of The Office.

9. Grey’s Anatomy - Netflix 

Similar to the office, I find Grey’s Anatomy one of those shows you can sit down and watch with not a lot of background knowledge on the characters. It’s an easy show to get sucked into, even if you haven’t been an avid viewer for the past 14 years.

8. South Park - Hulu

This one is a little off the track of my other two suggestions, but honestly, South Park is just really funny. For a long time, I was opposed to adult comedy in most cartoon or animated TV shows, but the concept has grown on me. South Park always toes the line with their episodes, and I love seeing the political satire and social commentary that is embedded in each of their episodes. 

7. Criminal Minds - Netflix

With the show coming to a close this past February, I thought it would be nice to catch up on the episodes missed. Criminal Mind has been on for years, and the seasons will keep you busy while stuck inside your home.

6. Breaking Bad - Netflix

When I first started watching Breaking Bad, I was skeptical. I didn’t really understand much of the plot, other than the high school teacher making meth for money, but this show really grew on me. The drama in it is fantastic, and every time I thought Walter White and Jesse Pinkman were in the clear, the show would throw in a new twist to create more conflict. Netflix released El Camino in October of 2019, and that movie was really good, but you have to watch the seasons of Breaking Bad that lead up to the movie for the full effect. 

5. Big Mouth - Netflix

Here me out on this one before you skip this TV show. Big Mouth is a hilarious show, but you are either going to love it or hate it, most people are not neutral about the show. But I encourage you, check it out, because I think the show is pretty great. 

4. Shameless - Netflix

Shameless has been renewed for it’s 11th and final season, and catching up on the first 10 seasons is a must. It’s a great TV drama with a lot of plot points that span across episodes. The episodes are sometimes long, but hey, we are probably going to be home for a while with the CoronaVirus spread.

3. New Girl - Netflix

New Girl is one of my favorite shows. It’s pretty light and it has a few heavy and deep content episodes, but nothing too hard on the viewer - as opposed to a show like Grey’s Anatomy. It has a lot of character development spanning through the seasons, but you could even start in season 4 and get the gist and humor in each episode.

2. Sex and the City - Amazon Prime Video

Sometimes, this show really shines in the late 90s, early 2000s humor and pop culture references, but this show still holds some worth. I think a lot of people forget about this show, since it isn’t on the main streaming sites, like Hulu or Netflix, but it is a classic.

1. Black Mirror - Netflix

This show is SPOOKY. Sometimes, TV shows are easy to predict, which is okay, but Black Mirror is very unpredictable. It’s an intense TV show, and keeps you gripping the couch the entire episode sometimes. Also, I love that each episode has an entirely different cast acting. It is just an interesting touch that I enjoy about the series.