Youtube Beauty Channels You Should Be Watching

Feel like it is time to step up your makeup routine? Or just want ideas to try something new? Well I have tracked down some of the best beauty/makeup gurus and artists on Youtube that will have your glam on fleek in no time.

First things first though, if you’re not one for using makeup you do you. You are freaking fabulous no matter what. But if you are one of those people to get up earlier for the sake of putting your face together here are some crazy talented people you should check out.


Tati creates content that revolves around trying out and recommending the best makeup products in the field. Her videos are beyond helpful if you’re curious about what you should save or splurge on when it comes to makeup or beauty products. I’ve found her content to be quite relaxing as well. If you’re trying to wind down sometimes her videos can do the trick. Some of her best segments include OMG! Tuesdays where she trys out new innovative products, and Hot or Not Thursdays where she tries hyped items to see if they are worth the money.



KathleenLights is a Youtuber that produces a blend of product recommendations to gorgeous makeup tutorials. Her tutorials are fun to watch because they offer a range of products that can be found in the drug store or Sephora. The looks she creates are also quite natural and can be pretty easy to emulate.




Jaime Paige is a little more unknown compared to the other Youtubers listed above. This girl competes with the best of them though. I absolutely love the make-up looks Jaime creates. They look so effortless and put-together. You’ll want to copy all of them.