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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNL chapter.

A major purpose for carrying is protection. Women, especially college-aged women, are one of the most vulnerable to sexual assault and rape. One of the worst fears is being caught in one of these situations without any way to get help or defend yourself. A gun is a powerful tool that can help women in terrifying situations gain control and escape. Having a gun on your person will also act a deterrent against potential predators (not very many people want to mess with a gun).

Many women gun owners feel empowered and confident when carrying. Knowing they are capable of taking dangerous situations into their own hands allows you to have more control in your life. There is also pride in knowing how to properly use a powerful and otherwise mysterious tool. If you want to hear from an expert in empowering women through the second amendment, Antonia Okafor (Twitter: @antonia_okafor) is an amazing woman who is a campus carry activist.

Many people are terrified of guns, which is why horrible people are able to terrify citizens in shootings. They are able to create immense fear, which gives them power, and no one knows how to combat them. Guns have the potential to harm and kill people, but that is not the only thing they do. People get killed by cars, but we still drive them. This is because we do not fear cars, we respect their potential danger and act accordingly. When people learn to be familiar with guns, they can gain respect for them instead of fearing them.

Young women should learn how to use guns and even take on the responsibility of carrying one to protect themselves and people around them. When we respect guns over fearing them, we can be safer and be empowered by taking our lives and safety into our own hands.

Halie is a junior double majoring in Political Science and Economics. She likes to spend her time watching Netflix documentaries, following politics, and hanging out with her cat Luna. This is her third year writing for UNL Her Campus and her second year as the Campus Correspondent for the chapter.