What Everyone Actually Thinks on Husker Game Day



We have a lot in common: we are both from Nebraska and both attend UNL, but we both have never been to a Husker football game, which is all the rage in Nebraska. We decided to tackle (pun intended) this experience head on together and reflect on our experience to help all of you other skeptical first-timers out there.  


Getting ready:


Justine: If I wear red lipstick, is that too much red? Is there even such a thing as too much red on gameday? How much will I hate myself if I wear a skirt? Going to take that chance because this outfit is CA-UTE.


Cara: Shoot, I have to wear red. I hate red. How much red says "trying too hard to look like a football fan?"

Walking to the tailgate:

Justine: Okay - this is going to be an actual tailgate - not the kind where I eat cheese dip with my parents in the living room. Was I supposed to prepare for this somehow? Oh, and does the wind ever NOT blow in Nebraska?

Cara: Okay, opted for the heels; still going strong. Only a 15 minute walk to the tailgate. I can make it. Breathe.

At the tailgate:

Justine: I know a total of two people here. I should be social. Or I could hang out by the punch and eat cookies. I’ll take it.

Cara: I’m meeting new people, this is great! AND THERE ARE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES, so worth the walk! I’m actually having fu- oh my god this wind is messing up my hair – I hate everything.

Walking to Memorial Stadium:

Justine: Do people know how to walk? I feel like I’m in kindergarten again and am being forced to walk behind my other classmates. I just want to get to the stadium so I can maybe try and untangle some of the giant knots in my hair.

Cara: Good, more walking. I bet I look so cool trekking in my heels – or really dumb.

SO. MANY. PEOPLE. At least I don’t have to think about where to walk everyone will just shove me in the right direction.

My hair hurts.


Justine: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH- can I stop making noise yet? My throat already hurts. I think this place is loud enough without my high pitched girl scream.

Cara: Trying to remember how football works so my boyfriend doesn’t think I’m some snobby wannabe sports person. Lots of people are screaming, should I scream too?

I need a brush.

1st Quarter:

Justine: To the guy behind me who is already feverishly yelling at the refs - please, eat some pizza or something. That’s what would make this better - pizza. I’m glad a got a good seat, though so I can “watch.”

Cara: Memories are flooding back to me from middle school gym flag football practice. What a terrible time in my life. My boyfriend is actually really into this. It’s kind of scaring me.Okay, I’m just going to give myself up to this football craze and let it consume me – I’ll start yelling and stuff.

2nd Quarter:

Justine: Not much has changed -- crazy guy is still yelling and I wouldn’t be surprised if he got up and jumped the fence to tackle a ref. Some people take this game WAY too seriously. Still want pizza. Where is a vendor when you need one? Does what I’m doing even count as watching?

Cara: Whoa, I actually know what’s going on! It’s getting really hot, ugh. Sushi would make this a lot better. What if they had a sushi concession stand? I’m not sure if I’d trust sushi prepared at a football game. I’ll just wait till this is over. I’m sure it will be over soon.


Justine: PIZZA. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to eat a piece of pizza. And a bathroom break. My makeup is all worn off and my hair looks like it just went through a hurricane. How do some people do this every weekend? On a good note, we are winning. Maybe I’m a good luck charm or something.

Cara: Okay, Scarlets, way to take away my self confidence. Cheerleaders – you aren’t helping either. Bathroom break to check how terrible I look. I want pizza, but I also want to look like a cheerleader. Decisions.

3rd Quarter:

Justine: This game looks like it HURTS. Also, how many more minutes until this is over? When did the other team score? And can we please sit down? It would make things a lot more enjoyable for all of us.

Cara: We need more girl football players. I could probably do it, with training and stuff. That’s way cooler than being a cheerleader, right? Why can’t the student section just sit down this quarter? I’m tired and soo hungry, but I tell my boyfriend I’m going strong. I mean, we can’t have that much longer to go.

4th Quarter:

Justine: 15 more minutes of this. Sort of. I should instagram that cute picture so everyone will think I’m having a good time. WAIT, WHAT IS GOING ON? WHY ARE WE DANCING ALL OF A SUDDEN? Alright, this just got fun. I knew coming to this game would be worth it! Yay for being a Husker!

Just kidding. Definitely not a good luck charm.

Cara: I’m literally counting down the minutes until this is over. This is agonizing. How am I still standing? OH MY GOD WE DID SOMETHING COOL, I’M SCREAMING SO LOUD. This is so incredible, everyone is dancing and music is playing. Wow, miracles do happen!

Annnddd, we lost.


Justine: STILL HUNGRY. My feet hurt and I still have to walk thirty minutes in the crowd of kindergartners. Also, everyone looks extremely sad. It’s just a game, right? Remind me to never date an athlete.

Cara: I'm sad we lost, but I'm already over it. The only thing standing between me and sushi is a 30 minute walk and a 30 minute car ride. I. Can. Do. This. No I can’t. I have half a mind to start crawling my way back to the car.


Justine: What an experience. I’m not sure I’ll be emotionally ready to go to another football game for a couple of weeks, though. Major props to the true fans who go every weekend. And to the people in the band, cheerleaders, Scarlets, etc. You guys have some serious Husker pride.

Cara: There are a lot of people involved in this sporting event, it’s outrageous. The band, cheerleaders, Scarlets and everyone else make it quite the experience. Things I would remember for next time: bring a hairbrush, buy the pizza. My favorite part were the cookies.